Monday, February 28, 2011

Hey Mom...

Aren't these just famous words? It seems that almost anything can come after them and yesterday was no exception. While playing with K I got hit with, "Hey Mom. Is it okay to have a husband and a boyfriend at the same time."

Brick wall. Me. BAM!

Totally didn't see that one coming.

So, I say, "huh?"

Yes. A question that there is only one answer to and I say "huh?" It is as simple as two plus two is four. Husband or boyfriend. Never at the same time. Where do these questions come from? Wait, I shouldn't even say where, I know where - and who. The same place that so many of the bizarre things of kindergarten have come from.

Finally, my ability to speak returns. I'm sure it was only about five seconds, but it seemed longer.

No K, you should have one at a time. If you have a husband or a wife, you shouldn't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

"Ok. That is what I thought, but my friend said that her Mommy said its okay to have a husband and a boyfriend."

"Well, she is wrong."

"That is what I told her. I said my Mommy and Daddy wouldn't think that is okay."

"Good job K."

"Thanks Mom. Hey, I also told her that I don't think God would think its okay either."

Small blessings. "You are right."

But did I miss an oppertunity to talk about other topics? One relationship at a time? Love? Marriage is a promise... If I did its gone now. Dang!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

One Less Onesie

Every kids has big poops. Lets admit it. Every parent has had a moment when they went, "that came out of that little boy/girl?!?"

Last week my little man had one for the record books. We are talking seriously large. And since he is nursing and doesn't take any formula it was the explosive, drippy, gotta have a bath, how am I gonna get his clothes clean kind of poo.

At first I didn't realize it was a big one. I had heard it start and saw him squirm. Then my arm got a little warm, but I didn't think anything of it - until it was too late. When I stood up from the couch my arm felt wet.

Yep. Not just warm, but wet. In the middle of my laughing little boy's back. Then, as I moved my arm to wipe what I though had to be some miraculous mid-winter sweat, I felt the drip. YUCK. I held him up and turned him around to see this.

(I know. You are probably saying, "what the?" Why did she take a picture? Sometimes you just have to have a picture.)

When I turned him back around, the front of him matched the back. As in he had poo about an inch above his belly button. And to make things even more exciting I also had poo on me. It had seeped through his shirt onto mine.

At that point it was all I could do to get him to the changing table. Leaving a trail of little yellow spots behind us.

Somehow the pants came off (and by the miracle of Oxy Clean and Shout Advanced) they survived unstained. But, the duck onesie (sorry Julia) just didn't make it. After laying him down and staring at his happy little face, I couldn't figure out a way to get the shirt over I's head without covering his entire body in drippy, smelly, yellow glops of poo. So, I decided to go for the scissors. I cut from above one leg through the drenched fabric all the way up to his neck.

Through the entire process I just giggled. He must have been relieved.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Living in 2011

My mom, "K can you hand me that thing right there that I dropped on the floor?"
K, "Your Bluetooth?"
"Yes." long pause. "I didn't know that you knew what that was."
K, "Its for talking on your phone so you don't have to use your hands." Big smile. "You're supposed to use it in the car so you can drive good."

My mom was surprised. "Why?" I asked her. Its a pretty ordinary thing. But come to think of it, a lot of the things that are ordinary to my kids weren't around when I was a kid, and there are others that quite frankly have become more common.

So, as we drove to the store, I asked K if she knew what the following were. After her comments, I explained each of these, but that isn't the cute part, so its excluded here.

Typewriter: "A WHAT? Is it a typing thing for the computer?"
Home phone: "A phone at your home. But Mommy, if you leave your phone at home, how will Daddy call you?"

A few other things that were common to me as a kindergartner that aren't in her life.
- nap time at school (This makes me sad, because I loved nap time - still do. I even won an award for being the best rester in the whole school.)
- swings on the playground
- a school cafeteria

It also made me think of some of the things that are the same.
- knee socks (how did that trend come back?)
- big hair bows
- leggings
- electric pink nail polish

Will any of those last few come back in style again?

Monday, February 21, 2011


As a mom the smallest (and simplest) things are often the greatest blessings. Reflecting on my birthday here are just a few of them.

- Roses
- Chocolate
- A pedicure with my daughter.
- Burgers, salad and baked beans for dinner.
- A friend who brings chocolate and red wine to church.
- A family that is as excited about a garden as I am.
- A baby that sleeps at the same times every day.
- K reading and singing the songs at church.
- I yelling "Ma" and he doesn't need to be fed.
- Tasty red wine

Which leads me to the greatest blessing of all. My huband. The last year has been so tough. Without him, I don't know what I would have done. There would have been many more trying times. Many fewer hugs.

So, for my birthday. I say thank you to him.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cheating Update

So... on the subject of cheating. I told my husband about the soda. He really didn't mind. Really. He says it was more of an agreement and that I need to do what I need to do to function. He is honestly glad that I have been able to make it almost three months with just one tiny dose of caffeine.

To show how much he really doesn't mind, I got a 20oz soda and a HUGE Godiva bar for my birthday. Yum. I can't wait. Nothing says celebration like good chocolate.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Just Like Me

A few days ago I wrote a post about how my two-month-old son is a lot like his Dad. For every way that the guys in our house are alike, there are about five ways that the girls are alike. I say five, because K is so much older, its easier to see the similarities.

There are of course the physical similarities: hair color, eye color, long legs and shorter torso, eye shape, etc. My daughter also has my height and my feet. Growing up I was frequently the tallest girl in my class, if not the tallest kid at all. So far she has gone anywhere from the 85th to 110th percentile in height. And, along with the height comes shoe size.

Today I wear a 10. It was an 8 1/2 in college, but for some reason y feet just keep growing. In kindergarten, K wears a 1 1/2. When we last went into Stride Rite (she was three) they said they didn't offer anything else in her size. Since then, I've been ordering her shoes online. Its the only way to get something in her size that doesn't - A: have laces (she can't tie them yet) or B: look way too old (high heels!).

K also reminds me of myself when I was young. She is strong willed, and wants to do things her way. Even small things like writing her name at school. She wants to print her name in all caps. The teacher (and I) would like her to use cursive. There is no changing her mind though. She'd rather get in trouble for not doing work than to do it some other way.

She also likes LOVES to read. Since she really got going with reading over Christmas break, she has become a rockin' reader. Yesterday she whipped through a 32 page easy reader in 10 minutes flat. She had to get help with two words - and one of them was irritating. Come on. That is not even a kindergarten word. She couldn't figure out how to say it because she didn't know what it meant. She does now, and told her Dad that he was being irritating tonight at dinner. Ha. The same night I also had to go into her room after bedtime and take away a chapter book that she was reading next to the nightlight. Yes - I do kno why you are grumpy in the mornings - it is because you are tired!

I could go on and on. Instead I will just quickly mention one of my traits I am VERY glad she didn't get - athletic ability. I couldn't play sports to save my life when I was a kid. K on the other hand has done soccer, swimming, ballet and others. Thank goodness.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Haircut Part II

The haircut. Wow. Its been three days and I still look at my daughter and think, "what were you thinking?!?"

For our part as parents, we decided that K should walk around with the terrible haircut for a few days and that would be punishment enough. For my part, I've attempted to cover it up conceal camouflage it for school. This involves a small pony tail about an inch from the hairline above the right eyebrow, putting a bow or butterfly clip on top to cover the spiky pieces of hair, then a regular ponytail in the back and either one or two clips on the left side to hold that short portion against her face.

It is obviously not working, but it is significantly better than walking around with no hair accessories. Hopefully things will improve when we go in to have it "fixed" on Saturday.

Here are a few things K has said about her hair over the last several days:

- "I thought that I could make my scissors magic and then cutting my hair would make it grow faster."
- "Mommy! I can see my hair growing. It will be better really soon."
- "My hair isn't growing yet."
- "I think I will like having short hair." This was after we talked about how it may have to get cut off to one length.

Here are a few things my husband has said about the haircut over the last several days:

- "Business in the front. Party in the back."
- "Maybe this is the cutting edge of fashion." Me: "Well there was cutting."
- "Maybe you will start a trend and all your friends will have the same hair style soon." K: I don't think so. They think I look silly.
- "Do you know what a mullet is?"
- "Business in the front. Party in the back."

I'm sure more brilliant comments are on the way. I am also glad that things will be looking better on Saturday. I mean, they have to. Right?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Haircut for K

So, I'm told every kid cuts their own hair. My mom says that when I did, it was about an inch in a small section when I was four. At the time I had long hair, so she just evened it up and all was fine. If only all was fine at our house.

Instead K has a pretty crazy look right now. Part of me wants to take her to the salon and see what they can do. The other part of me says let her live with it for a bit...

Before you weigh in, let me tell you what happened.

On Monday, K was at school working independently in the hallway. At her school this is a big privilege for the most mature students. The door is open and the teacher is constantly in and out. However, she took scissors with her and decided to cut her hair "just a little bit" to make a bed for her pencils. Yes. A bed for her pencils. I honestly didn't try to sort that one out, but did tell her that hair doesn't belong in her pencil box and she needs to bring it home.

So, what is the five-year-old definition of a little bit? Going from elbow length to about an inch long above one eye, another chunk about ear length on the same side and a four inch piece from the very middle of her head. Did I mention school pictures are next week??

Just a little bit? She didn't think I would notice? Don't tell Dad? Really. K, you aren't going to come out well on this one.

Monday, February 14, 2011

"When I get old...

... I want to look like Grandma."

My daughter never ceases to amaze me. Or to make me laugh.

First, I am amazed, because it is such a sweet thing to say. She goes on to tell me that she likes Grandma's blond hair, which she calls "long for a grown up" (I didn't know that a bob is long, but okay.) and "sparkly eyes," etc. She then talks about my mother-in-laws' personality. Interesting since she was talking about looks, but still very sweet.

Now, here is the funny part. My mother-in-law isn't a blood relative. My daughter and I have talked about how you get your looks from the people in your family before and that she will probably have more ways that she looks like Mommy than Daddy since I am a biological parent and he is not. But - none of this matters to her.

How did I keep from laughing?

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Ok. So I cheated. I know. I should tell my husband. I should confess my sins and take the punishment that is coming to me. But - in my own defense I kind of already have. Taken the punishment that is. Let me start at the beginning.

Yesterday I was really tired. Not just regular new mom with a five-year-old tired, but ubber tired (is that a real word?). So after working from home, meeting my husband for lunch, going to the bank and post office, I went into Target. Yes. Target. One of my favorite stores in the universe. After going through our shopping list I was standing in line, and couldn't resist the urge to look at the sodas.

I promise. I was just looking at them, but somehow one of the bright green bottles. The ones with out the lovely "caffine free" label jumped onto the conveyor belt. It just jumped over there. Just wishing had made it so. Oh Caffine. Its been so long. I just wanted one little tase.

Can you ever really have just one little sip? Well, I did. (After paying the cashier for the soda along with our diapers, eye liner and garage door opener batteries.) Then I had a second sip. By this point I was at a traffic light. I considered opening the door and pouring the rest out of the car so I wouldn't drink any more. I had no idea what it would do to my baby.

I didn't have any caffine for the first 12 months of nursing K and my husband and I had agreed we would do the same with I. However, how was this so much his decision? He sleeps through the night (not every night). I handle most of the diaper changes between midnight and 5 a.m. and I handle all of the feedings. Plus, I'm working out at least twice a week in an attempt to reclaim my body pre-bikini season.

In the end I had about a third of a 20 ounce bottle of Mtn. Dew. The doctor said I could have two 8 oounce cups of coffee a day, but I don't drink coffee, so for sure I would be fine with a little soda.

About four hours later I found out what happens when you mix caffine with breastmilk. I was cranky. And, by now it was dinner time and bed time was quickly approaching.

In the end he slept, but it was more like a night with a two week old. It was not just the normal two feedings and back to bed a night routine that we have gotten into. Nope, it was two feedings, PLUS restlessness and squirming and overall just wanting to be held.

Needless to say, I may now be a working mom again, but I am going to stay a caffine free working mom. Now to tell my husband.

Just Like Dad

My little man is just like his Dad. I know. Every parent says their kids are just like them, but he's the scoop on I and my husband.

To start with, they share stellar looks. They have the same shaped face, ears, forehead wrinkles, eyes and cowlick right over the right eye. There are other physical traits that are the same, but the really fun similarities aren't the physical ones.

- They are ticklish in the same spot - both above and below their lowest rib. More ticklish on the left than the right.

- Both I and my husband have dirt under their nails. My husband has a very physical career, so its to be expected, but a BABY?!? No idea how he gets dirt under his nails. I keep trying to get it out, but he just gets more.

- Gas. Yeah. Specifically the volume. Not the amount. I'm talking about how loud it is. Sometimes it is hard to tell which one of them makes the noise when they are together. Now, before anyone says the baby's gas is a result of what I'm eating, I will tell you that I have changed my diet. I have tried all kinds of things, but it doesn't seem to matter. I can eat bland, unseasoned food and the kid still has gas.

I'm sure there will be more similarities over the next weeks, months and years. I hope to add athletic ability and love for outdoors to the list. But, for now, I'm enjoying the little things.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A What?!?

Yesterday after school my daughter asked for a computer for her room. Yes. It has started. She wants to hang out in her room rather than spend time with the rest of the family. Here is how it went down.

We came in from school and were walking in the door and having a nice conversation about the day. Then she dropped the bomb, "Hey mom. I've been thinking about something."

Me, "What honey?"

"I've been thinking that we should get a little table like this (she motions with her hands), and a computer for my room."

In my head I'm thinking, "What the heck! You are five-years-old." Instead, I manage to say, "Why do you need a computer?"

She tells me that she wants to, "play games and stuff when I want to and not to have to ask or share the computer."

By this time there are a wide variety of thoughts going through my head. Fortunately, my husband and I have talked about computers before, and have decided that we are going to be getting a new desktop in a few months for the family. We've also said that we aren't going to have computers in the kids rooms. But since I'm the only one home, I tell her, "I really don't think that is something we are going to be able to do. Daddy and I have been thinking about getting a new computer for all of us to share. We will probably put it in the kitchen so everyone can use it."

K, "Well you guys can come to my room to share it."

At this point its all I can do to keep from laughing. All that was left was to end the conversation quickly. Could she really seriously think we would buy her a computer and let her loose on it? So, I just say, "I don't think that is going to work. I'll talk to Daddy about it and if we decide you can have your own computer, we will let you know."

All she says is, "okay Mommy. Can we have a snack now?"

Thank goodness.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Day Back

Yesterday was officially my first day back to work. Fortunately my boss is super flexible, so each day of my first week back is just two hours from home. It’s just two hours. I could be in my jammies and no one would know (I wasn’t). But the whole thing had me in a tizzy. I felt like I was missing out on important time with I and that I wouldn’t be able to get things done around the house to take care of the family like I have been. Needless to say it all turned out fine. But, here’s a look at how this new nugget is fitting into the mix at our house.
5:30 - 6 a.m. Feed the baby
6 a.m. – 6:30 a.m. Sleep
6:30 a. m. Get up for the day, shower, get dressed
7:00 a.m. Feed the baby, get him dressed, play with him
8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Work
10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Workout
11:45 a.m. Drive-Thru Lunch (Realize I never had breakfast)
Buy art supplies for Valentine’s Day Presents
Unload car, Feed baby, Put him down for a nap
Prep Valentine’s craft for K to start after school
3:00 p.m. Carpool line
I’m going to spare you the details of the rest of the day. But, man was I tired. I fell asleep in the carpool line and woke up when the car behind me honked. I think it was only about 10 minutes, but still. I’ve got to get more sleep!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

It IS Sinking In!

True story. K and I were in a public restroom. We were standing at the sink washing our hands. She was being meticulous (I was wondering if maybe this was an early sign of OCD) with the bubbles as I walked toward the paper towels. Without thinking, I pulled out one, waited for the automatic light to blink and grabbed a second paper towel. Then it happened, a small, very familiar voice said, “you’re killing trees.” I turned around. My expression – which I caught a glance of in the mirror – was somewhere between dumbfounded, irritated at being reprimanded by my daughter and proud.

Then I opened my mouth. I just opened it. No words came out. Not one. Then K said, “It’s okay Mommy, you have a habit, but you can change it. We just need to be carefully because trees take a long time to grow.” Then some small portion of my brain remembered that I was the parent and I said, “That’s right Kayla, we can change any habit – just like when you stopped sucking your thumb.” Then she laughed. And, I laughed too, but not for the same reason.

My little girl is growing up. The lessons I’ve been trying to instill in her are sinking in. (They may come out at inopportune times) But, none the less, I’m really proud of her. In her small voice, she stood up for what she believed (okay, what my husband and I had taught her) was correct and she spoke clearly and articulately.

Wow. It’s hard to believe that five years ago she couldn’t even sit up. Three years ago she learning to write her name. I am so proud of her.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Pregnancy Memories: The Magic Touch

While I was pregnant, my husband had a “magic touch.” Okay. I’m going to stop right here and say – GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER! Don’t pretend that you didn’t just go there. Seriously – this is a post about the baby. When our son was flip flopping around in my belly, all my husband had to do is put his hand on my belly and the little guy would calm down.

I could put my hand on him and he kept on kicking. His big sister tried, so did my mom and my mother-in-law, but no one had the success in calming my son that his father did. It didn’t matter when it is or what was causing him to be wiggly. We could be listening to music just a little too loud, it could be after I had eaten spicy food, or just twisting and turning for fun in the middle of the night. Any situation and it worked. My husband called it, “The Magic Touch.”

It was simply amazing. They had a bond and he hadn’t even been born.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I bonded with my son too. He was inside me after all, but I read books, and websites and blog posts about how men have trouble bonding with their children before they are born. Not this father and son.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Favorite Words

Every kid has trouble pronouncing words at first. Our daughter like most five-year-olds only has a few words left that she says incorrectly. And, she probably missuses them because we continue to pronounce them the way she does. I know this is true, because the other day when a friend was around she corrected herself. Yep. She did. And she told me, "Mommy that was the silly way. Its really ____."

At any rate, here are my absolute favorites:

- Bramember for Remember

- Chick-a-le for Chick-fil-a

- Zaqud-a-sac for Cul-de-sac

- Beep for Beat

So, how do I know that we'll continue to use the wrong pronunciations? Because its what we do. The family legend is that my dad used to say basgetti for spaghetti. He may be gone, but in our house, the long noodles with red sauce on top are still basgetti. Same thing for penguins. I called them pinkones, so that is the word my sister learned, that my parents joked about when my daughter went to the zoo, and one of the many terms that makes my husband shake his head and give me a knowing smile.

It just makes me think. What phrases do other families have? There have to be some....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Making it All Work

After eight weeks at home it's time to think about work. Just think about it - not go back. I've got one more full week at home before I have to go back to the craziness insanity real world. So, I have had to start to think about how we are going to make it all work. What is our daily routine going to be like now that we have two kids instead of just one. What about nursing the baby? Carpools? Dinner? Swim team? Sleep? Why am I starting a blog now?

All that said, I am really trying to make the most of this last full week at home. The laundry and dishes can wait. I've taken naps with I and spent extra time 'nuggling with K.

At the end of last week I made a point of making extra time for her. Mom stayed with I for a bit, so I could pick her up from school and we could have some Mommy and K time. But what did she want to do? Go home and see her brother. "But he's my favorite thing," she said. I convinced her to stop at Sonic for a slush, but she didn't even want to sit down and enjoy it, she preferred the drive through.

We are always talking to K (and now to I even though he doesn't understand yet) that family is important, but its little moments like this that tell me its really sinking in. Now lets just hope I can stay focused on the family when I go back to work.