Thursday, February 10, 2011


Ok. So I cheated. I know. I should tell my husband. I should confess my sins and take the punishment that is coming to me. But - in my own defense I kind of already have. Taken the punishment that is. Let me start at the beginning.

Yesterday I was really tired. Not just regular new mom with a five-year-old tired, but ubber tired (is that a real word?). So after working from home, meeting my husband for lunch, going to the bank and post office, I went into Target. Yes. Target. One of my favorite stores in the universe. After going through our shopping list I was standing in line, and couldn't resist the urge to look at the sodas.

I promise. I was just looking at them, but somehow one of the bright green bottles. The ones with out the lovely "caffine free" label jumped onto the conveyor belt. It just jumped over there. Just wishing had made it so. Oh Caffine. Its been so long. I just wanted one little tase.

Can you ever really have just one little sip? Well, I did. (After paying the cashier for the soda along with our diapers, eye liner and garage door opener batteries.) Then I had a second sip. By this point I was at a traffic light. I considered opening the door and pouring the rest out of the car so I wouldn't drink any more. I had no idea what it would do to my baby.

I didn't have any caffine for the first 12 months of nursing K and my husband and I had agreed we would do the same with I. However, how was this so much his decision? He sleeps through the night (not every night). I handle most of the diaper changes between midnight and 5 a.m. and I handle all of the feedings. Plus, I'm working out at least twice a week in an attempt to reclaim my body pre-bikini season.

In the end I had about a third of a 20 ounce bottle of Mtn. Dew. The doctor said I could have two 8 oounce cups of coffee a day, but I don't drink coffee, so for sure I would be fine with a little soda.

About four hours later I found out what happens when you mix caffine with breastmilk. I was cranky. And, by now it was dinner time and bed time was quickly approaching.

In the end he slept, but it was more like a night with a two week old. It was not just the normal two feedings and back to bed a night routine that we have gotten into. Nope, it was two feedings, PLUS restlessness and squirming and overall just wanting to be held.

Needless to say, I may now be a working mom again, but I am going to stay a caffine free working mom. Now to tell my husband.

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