Thursday, February 3, 2011

Favorite Words

Every kid has trouble pronouncing words at first. Our daughter like most five-year-olds only has a few words left that she says incorrectly. And, she probably missuses them because we continue to pronounce them the way she does. I know this is true, because the other day when a friend was around she corrected herself. Yep. She did. And she told me, "Mommy that was the silly way. Its really ____."

At any rate, here are my absolute favorites:

- Bramember for Remember

- Chick-a-le for Chick-fil-a

- Zaqud-a-sac for Cul-de-sac

- Beep for Beat

So, how do I know that we'll continue to use the wrong pronunciations? Because its what we do. The family legend is that my dad used to say basgetti for spaghetti. He may be gone, but in our house, the long noodles with red sauce on top are still basgetti. Same thing for penguins. I called them pinkones, so that is the word my sister learned, that my parents joked about when my daughter went to the zoo, and one of the many terms that makes my husband shake his head and give me a knowing smile.

It just makes me think. What phrases do other families have? There have to be some....

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