Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Haircut for K

So, I'm told every kid cuts their own hair. My mom says that when I did, it was about an inch in a small section when I was four. At the time I had long hair, so she just evened it up and all was fine. If only all was fine at our house.

Instead K has a pretty crazy look right now. Part of me wants to take her to the salon and see what they can do. The other part of me says let her live with it for a bit...

Before you weigh in, let me tell you what happened.

On Monday, K was at school working independently in the hallway. At her school this is a big privilege for the most mature students. The door is open and the teacher is constantly in and out. However, she took scissors with her and decided to cut her hair "just a little bit" to make a bed for her pencils. Yes. A bed for her pencils. I honestly didn't try to sort that one out, but did tell her that hair doesn't belong in her pencil box and she needs to bring it home.

So, what is the five-year-old definition of a little bit? Going from elbow length to about an inch long above one eye, another chunk about ear length on the same side and a four inch piece from the very middle of her head. Did I mention school pictures are next week??

Just a little bit? She didn't think I would notice? Don't tell Dad? Really. K, you aren't going to come out well on this one.

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