Thursday, February 17, 2011

Haircut Part II

The haircut. Wow. Its been three days and I still look at my daughter and think, "what were you thinking?!?"

For our part as parents, we decided that K should walk around with the terrible haircut for a few days and that would be punishment enough. For my part, I've attempted to cover it up conceal camouflage it for school. This involves a small pony tail about an inch from the hairline above the right eyebrow, putting a bow or butterfly clip on top to cover the spiky pieces of hair, then a regular ponytail in the back and either one or two clips on the left side to hold that short portion against her face.

It is obviously not working, but it is significantly better than walking around with no hair accessories. Hopefully things will improve when we go in to have it "fixed" on Saturday.

Here are a few things K has said about her hair over the last several days:

- "I thought that I could make my scissors magic and then cutting my hair would make it grow faster."
- "Mommy! I can see my hair growing. It will be better really soon."
- "My hair isn't growing yet."
- "I think I will like having short hair." This was after we talked about how it may have to get cut off to one length.

Here are a few things my husband has said about the haircut over the last several days:

- "Business in the front. Party in the back."
- "Maybe this is the cutting edge of fashion." Me: "Well there was cutting."
- "Maybe you will start a trend and all your friends will have the same hair style soon." K: I don't think so. They think I look silly.
- "Do you know what a mullet is?"
- "Business in the front. Party in the back."

I'm sure more brilliant comments are on the way. I am also glad that things will be looking better on Saturday. I mean, they have to. Right?

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