Monday, February 28, 2011

Hey Mom...

Aren't these just famous words? It seems that almost anything can come after them and yesterday was no exception. While playing with K I got hit with, "Hey Mom. Is it okay to have a husband and a boyfriend at the same time."

Brick wall. Me. BAM!

Totally didn't see that one coming.

So, I say, "huh?"

Yes. A question that there is only one answer to and I say "huh?" It is as simple as two plus two is four. Husband or boyfriend. Never at the same time. Where do these questions come from? Wait, I shouldn't even say where, I know where - and who. The same place that so many of the bizarre things of kindergarten have come from.

Finally, my ability to speak returns. I'm sure it was only about five seconds, but it seemed longer.

No K, you should have one at a time. If you have a husband or a wife, you shouldn't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

"Ok. That is what I thought, but my friend said that her Mommy said its okay to have a husband and a boyfriend."

"Well, she is wrong."

"That is what I told her. I said my Mommy and Daddy wouldn't think that is okay."

"Good job K."

"Thanks Mom. Hey, I also told her that I don't think God would think its okay either."

Small blessings. "You are right."

But did I miss an oppertunity to talk about other topics? One relationship at a time? Love? Marriage is a promise... If I did its gone now. Dang!

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