Friday, February 18, 2011

Just Like Me

A few days ago I wrote a post about how my two-month-old son is a lot like his Dad. For every way that the guys in our house are alike, there are about five ways that the girls are alike. I say five, because K is so much older, its easier to see the similarities.

There are of course the physical similarities: hair color, eye color, long legs and shorter torso, eye shape, etc. My daughter also has my height and my feet. Growing up I was frequently the tallest girl in my class, if not the tallest kid at all. So far she has gone anywhere from the 85th to 110th percentile in height. And, along with the height comes shoe size.

Today I wear a 10. It was an 8 1/2 in college, but for some reason y feet just keep growing. In kindergarten, K wears a 1 1/2. When we last went into Stride Rite (she was three) they said they didn't offer anything else in her size. Since then, I've been ordering her shoes online. Its the only way to get something in her size that doesn't - A: have laces (she can't tie them yet) or B: look way too old (high heels!).

K also reminds me of myself when I was young. She is strong willed, and wants to do things her way. Even small things like writing her name at school. She wants to print her name in all caps. The teacher (and I) would like her to use cursive. There is no changing her mind though. She'd rather get in trouble for not doing work than to do it some other way.

She also likes LOVES to read. Since she really got going with reading over Christmas break, she has become a rockin' reader. Yesterday she whipped through a 32 page easy reader in 10 minutes flat. She had to get help with two words - and one of them was irritating. Come on. That is not even a kindergarten word. She couldn't figure out how to say it because she didn't know what it meant. She does now, and told her Dad that he was being irritating tonight at dinner. Ha. The same night I also had to go into her room after bedtime and take away a chapter book that she was reading next to the nightlight. Yes - I do kno why you are grumpy in the mornings - it is because you are tired!

I could go on and on. Instead I will just quickly mention one of my traits I am VERY glad she didn't get - athletic ability. I couldn't play sports to save my life when I was a kid. K on the other hand has done soccer, swimming, ballet and others. Thank goodness.

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