Thursday, March 17, 2011

Everyone is Doing It

Milk. It seems to be the topic of the day. Not just regular milk, but Momma milk. Really. Two moms that I like to read (Kira at Grits, Grins and Gripes and Amy at Somebody's Parents) both wrote about milk and feeding today.

We took the above picture for posterity a few weeks ago. For anyone that hasn't had a baby, or hasn't been around a Momma fed one in a while - each one of those bags has a feeding work of milk in it. We figured about 50. Maybe more. And since the picture two weekends ago, the stockpile has grown. As its grown, I've been trying to decide exactly what to say about it (both the picture and the stockpile). It may be the most thought I've put into any blog post. So, here are some thoughts....

Why in the heck do we need that much milk in our garage freezer? Clearly I'm not having any supply issues, even with going back to work full time. I've only been in the office full time for a week, but y'all - seriously - look at this stockpile. My little man isn't going to starve.

Can we just use this to mix up all the cereal? Can I go ahead and start cereal? About a week ago we spend three or four days back at the feeding every two to three hours stage. It was exhausting. My body ached from all the work I was doing and I was counting calories (for about the third time ever) to make sure I was getting enough to keep up with him. Finally, he slowed down and promptly grew. So, now the little man is in six-month clothes and starting to sit up on his own. He also pushes his arms straight to look around when on his belly. I'm told by some (okay. and, but some real people write this stuff) that if your baby can do these things, you can start cereal and other solids. The lactation nurse at our pediatrician says to wait until four-months....

I deserve a night off. Not just a night when we go out for dinner and drinks and then pump and dump till the next morning, but a night when I get to SLEEP too. Am I asking too much? Is it possible? I'm kind of thinking no. Seriously there is plenty of milk to be gone a week and the little man would still eat. (I'm not saying I want to leave him. Just sayin' if I wanted to, I could.)

I rock. If this pic is a metaphor for motherly preparedness I give myself an A+.

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