Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jesus' Blankey

Ash Wednesday was this week. I really wanted to go to Church. K is old enough to understand more of what is going on, and (hopefully) put the whole story in context. However, we didn't make it. We have been so stinkin' busy  and I was doing the single parent thing at the beginning of the week...

Alas, there is STILL the good news. Its Lent and Easter is still coming.

It reminds me of one of my favorite K stories ever from Maundy Thursday in 2008. (Coming up on April 21 this year.) I'm pasting this over from my journal, so you'll get the original version. Its known in our family as, "Jesus' Blankey." Enjoy!

We were sitting in Church waiting for services to start, when Kayla stood up on the pew to look at the flowers. She saw that the cross had been draped and asked, “Who’s blankey is on the cross?” I told her, “It’s Jesus’ blankey.” She then told me, “he needs to come and get it. Doesn’t he know you’re supposed to put your toys away when you are done playing with them?” Trying not to laugh, I told her, “he will come pick it up real soon.”

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