Friday, March 25, 2011

A Lesson From Uncle D

We recently visited Uncle D's farm (you may recall the packing insanity the day before our minivaca) and K spent a good deal of time playing with her cousins and we all enjoyed the fresh air.

Part of the adventure was helping move cows from one pasture to the other. We've all been around the cows before and fortunately K is cautious, but not scared of animals. (People in animal costumes used to be an issue, but not any more.) So, she quite enjoyed going out and helping/watching. This may have been fun for our city girl, but the most exciting part of the visit for her was feeding the baby calves. There were two, so she and her cousin each fed one.

Before they got started, they had to make the bottles. Uncle D had heard about my recent frustrations with the librarian who stomped on my lesson about responsibility and decided to offer up one of his own (Thank you!). This one was on reading instructions.

Uncle D (with cow formula and hot water in front of him):  So this is what we need to make milk for the baby cows.

K: water?

Uncle D: We are also going to use the powdered milk. See, right over there. Can you get me a big scoop?

K: okay.

Uncle D: Do you know how I know how to make the milk for the cows and how much to give them?

K: Because you've done it before.

Uncle D: Yes. But before I did it the first time I didn't know, so I read the directions.

K just looking at him.

Uncle D: You mix it up like this (demonstrates). That's right. I read the directions before I started the first time. (Long pause to check on the actual milk making.) I read them two times to make sure I did it just right. I sat here and read them and your cousin read them. I also read them at the store before I bought the milk.

K is now more interested in the bottles and the very large nipples than Uncle D. Not sure he notices.

Uncle D: Then if I had questions I could have asked the people at the store before I brought it home.

K nods

Uncle D: Its very important to read things. Things like instructions and things that you are signing.

Ha. Take that library lady. Uncle D. He gets it.

Thanks for the lesson. You are awesome.

For the rest of you, here is the cute picture that followed.

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