Friday, March 11, 2011

Park Still Closed

For years we have been going to Pullen Park each summer. I took K there to celebrate her first birthday by "riding the horses" (a.k.a. the 100 year old carousel). Two years in a row we had K's birthday party at the park with carousel and train rides for everyone.

She loves it so much and we've been looking forward to taking the little man there too.

I went before the kids were born to get sun and relax. I went as a teenager to hang out with friends and eat cotton candy. We practiced for the powder puff football game, and interviewed people in the community for the school news paper (dorky. I know.) and our television programs (also dorky).

Now, for the second summer in a row it will be closed. It was supposed to be opening up soon, but as of yesterday, it looks like a huge freakin' mess.

This is where the carousel is supposed to be. Where my kids and all their friends will are supposed to be able to ride it again this summer. I'm not so sure. The paper says the project is taking longer than expected. Really?!? Can't they come up with a better estimate than "longer than expected." The City of Raleigh doesn't have any information on their website. Ugh!

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