Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pregnancy Memories: Sibling Connection

We just had the 28 week ultrasound to check in on little I. The technician was really great. My husband and I arrived on time, and our sitter was picking K up from school and bringing her to the doctor’s office to meet us. The whole getting out of school and making it to the office was taking longer than expected, but the technician was glad to let us sit in her office – with the goo on my belly – and wait for K to arrive so she could see him too.

As the wait wore on, she decided to go ahead and do the measuring and other medically necessary things before K arrived. She said we’d look at his face in 3D with K. Then after a while of waiting, she said lets go ahead and see if we can see his face. We agreed, but there was no getting a clear shot. Baby I was awake, but didn’t want his picture taken.

Then it happened. The door swung open, the receptionist brought K in and she was chattering away. “Hi Mommy. Hi Daddy. I’m ready to see my brother.” And there it was. He turned his little face to his sister’s voice and it was captured on camera. As she walked across the room the sit on Dad’s lap, quieted down and I buried his face back in my hip.

Just to make sure, we asked Kayla to go to hop off Dad’s lap and talk to Isaac from a point where the tech would be able to get a good picture of his face and it worked again.


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