Tuesday, March 1, 2011


or should I say jackets that don't absorb water? Do you have one? Or are you more of the umbrella type?

I used to be an umbrella person. That is until K was born. It was just too crazy to lug the baby carrier, diaper bag and an umbrella. Something almost always got wet. Frequently it was the baby.

So, for a few years, I just zipped up my jacket, made sure the hood was secure (include hair tucked in), grabbed the diaper bag and the baby and made a dash for it.

After she reached about age two and I didn't carry a diaper bag, I tried again. But try as I may, there really didn't seem to be a good way to carry both a wiggly toddler and an umbrella without the afore mentioned soaking.

Finally, when K was about three we started to each carry an umbrella. She loved it. At three she was "grown up" to carry an umbrella and walk holding my hand. For my part I quite enjoyed not having to deal with a drippy jacket when we arrived at our destination.

Fast forward to yesterday's rain. We are now an after school trio of of one umbrella - K's. And - I am again wearing a jacket that gets drippy wet while the baby has the cute carrier cover.

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