Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Responsibility or What I Thought I was Teaching...

K is such a great reader. At Christmas we went in for a conference with her teacher and were told that she was a level two reader. About average for her class and the teacher encouraged us to push her just a little and that she would take off. She loves reading, so this was easy. She also loves library books. Not to be confused with going to the library, which is not so exciting. But, she loves books. So, guess what she got?

Her very own library card! I am way more excited than she is, but that is okay.

Now, here is the funny part about it. After the librarian verfied all of the contact information (i.e. where to e-mail us that we owe fines our books are late about exciting library programs), I asked K to read the card.

To me it was about to be two great lessons in one:
- read before you sign stuff
- something about responsibility

I didn't know exactly what the thing said, but I had a good idea that it would say something about not destroying books and bringing them back on time.

Then the librarian speaks up. Now, I'm sure she was a really great woman. Afterall, she works with kids. Blah, Blah, Blah. But, what made her think it would be a good idea to inturupt my little lesson and say, "I've never seen anyone read the back of the card before."

Really?!? as I'm explaining to my kid that you should read things before you sign them. She really said, "I've never seen anyone read the back of the card before." Its not like anyone else was waiting to be helped. There were even other librarians standing around talking.

So of course my brillant child just stops reading and says, "see mom, you don't have to read before you sign."

Thanks library lady. You are so not my friend right now.

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