Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I Have Learned This Week

The title feels like it should be homework for K. And the things on this list are just from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday folks. But, here are the nuts and bolts. (P.S. - Imagine each bullet told with more flare and style and you'll have a glorious version of this post that would be possible if my job was less busy I had gotten more sleep.)

- One box of Spongebob Kraft mac-n-cheese and two carrots cut into sticks will feed a five-year-old girl and mom.

- If you are a mom and have mac-n-cheese for dinner, you will feel sick to your stomach and need fruit and veggies about two hours later.

- A three-month old boy laying in the tub (the big tub, not the baby one) can pee up to the edge of the tub, but (tankfully!) not over the side if he is laying on his back propped up.

- If you leave the house at the time school is over, you will be last in the carpool line.

- When you're last in the carpool line, the lady who calls the numbers kind of scrowls at you instead of smiling and waving.

- When you're last in the carpool line, its almost a guarentee that your kid will be grumpy because all their friends are gone and they haven't had anyone to play with for about two (really. just two.) minutes.

- Sitting in a bouncy seat it takes a baby about 90 seconds to sneeze, stick his fingers in the snot and insert the slime into his ear. In another two minutes the snot will be dry.

- The best way to get crusty crap out of the top part of a baby's ear is to use your finger, a wipe isn't strong enough and a warm washcloth doesn't work very well and gets everyone wet.

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