Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Yes. Breakdowns with a big fat S. As in two of them. Happening at the same time in our temporaily one parent home about two weeks ago. Isn't that always the way it happens?

Rewind to a busy evening as I'm (attempting) to feed my wonderful children.

Me: We're going to go to Andy's and get burgers for dinner K. Can you please get your shoes and jacket?

K: I don't want to go there. We should go to McDonalds.

Me: Well, you really like the budgers at Andy's and its my turn to choose.

K: I didn't know that grown ups get a turn to choose.

I wakes up, needs to be fed, which between 5:30 and 6 is always (okay for the last two weeks) followed by needing to eat dinner.

Me: Well, since you don't want to go to Andy's and your brother is ready to eat now we will just stay here and have sandwiches. Do you want PB & J?

K: Yes.

From there, we go through quite the ordeal of how much PB and how much J and what shapes to cut the sandwich into. At the same time, I'm defrosting carrots and mixing up cereal for I. In the midst of this I get a txt from my husband "Hows it going." I reply, "we miss you." Only gone a day and a half, so I say, "We miss you." Suddenly the marathon is over and there if food in front of each of my children and a wave of relief washes over me. I take a deep breath and I hear a soft little voice with a wimper say, "its not right."

Me: What do you mean?

K: You didn't make it the way Daddy does and its not very yummy.

Me: Its PB & J.

K: But its not right Mommy. Can we do it over?

Me: Lets just eat it like this.

K: Crying

I: Crying (Because I forgot to keep feeding him as the devestation hit.)

Me: Big girl, its really okay. Its just a PB & J.

K: I want Daddy.

I: Wahhhhhh. Ma.

To myself: Freakin' great.

Suddenly my brain kicks back into high gear. I pull the baby out of his seat, wipe his face and put him on my lap so I can feed him at the kitchen table. At the same time, I tell K to come over and they attempt to share my lap. Suddely I decideds he doesn't want to share my lap and would rather have a bottle than a boob.

So he goes back into his chair and K is alone in my lap as she wanted.

Finally it is quiet. Both kids look unhappy, but they are quiet.

There was a near round two, but I averted it with one simple phrase, "finish your dinner without winning and we will go to Goodberrys."

Crisis adverted. Why didn't I do this the first time? Sometime bribes are okay. Right? They are. They are.

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