Monday, April 11, 2011

Christmas Presents

Almost four months ago we celebrated baby Jesus' birthday. And just like my kids own birthday's four months later the birthday presents are gathering dust. Yep. Many of them are not being played with at all.

The Easy Bake Ovens (the s is no error - she got three) that my daughter thought of every day since Halloween is in the closet with her art supplies. She baked with it four times. Two of these the week after Christmas. The fate is was even worse for the candy. Yes - the candy. I threw the last of it just before Valentine's Day.

For my daughter, the puzzles are probably the most popular of the Christmas presents. Particurally Fancy Nancy one. Its been out about once a week. For my son, its a little different because he was less than a month old on Christmas. He's worn his soccer socks several times and several big kids and I have played with the blocks that Santa brought him. But, no matter how you look at it, if your house is anything at all like ours, Christmas is a major accumulation of stuff.

So, how do you tackle this both with them and with the people in their lives that get a huge kick out of picking out, wrapping and watching the kids unwrap big piles of presents during the holidays? On top of that, how do you keep them focused on faith and family?

I keep thinking about the abandoned toys, because every kid thinks that presents are the take away from Christmas while parents think that the take away is Jesus's birth. Then again, many parents also think the day is about making their kids happy.

So, here I am in April thinking about Christmas. Maybe we will tackle it differently next year. Maybe.

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