Monday, April 4, 2011

The Fun That Didn't Happen

If you had asked me on Friday what was in store for the weekend, I would have mentioned any if not all of the following:

- Beer tasting/cookout with husband's friends Friday evening
- Baptism Sunday
- Baptism party Sunday at noon
- Playdate with cousin CZ Saturday evening
- Drinks and Game watching Saturday night
- Pilates workout Saturday morning

Sounds like a slam packed weekend-o-fun. No mention of laundry, yard work, or anything other than fun with those whom we love. Perfect!

If only it had happened. Well - Friday happened as we expected and so did Saturday morning. Then... several people got sick, others had company coming in. Long story short, it was the weekend of unplanned fun. It is also going to be the week of rescheduling.

Here is what happened instead:

- Beer tasting/cookout with husband's friends Friday evening
- Pilates workout Saturday morning
- K and Daddy fishing adventure
- Laundry
- Church
- Laundry
- Lunch fun in Cary
- Gardening
- Laundry

Guess we had a lot of dirty clothes! But, all in all, a good relaxing weekend.

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