Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lent - Again

After talking about what I'm trying to teach K during Lent, my husband asked what I was giving up for Lent. He said, "You can't just do this with the kids and not do it yourself."

He is right. Luckily, I had actually given something up. Only I hadn't said it out loud because I thought it was kind of lame. But here goes - online shopping at work.



If you don't think I'm serious, then you don't know how quickly I can punch in my credit card number when no one is looking. Need the card you ask? Not me. Its memorized. Oh yea. Its that bad.

And I am here to tell you - its been tough. I'm normally browsing at least two or three web sites a day. If IT ever decided to check out my computer, it wouldn't be pretty.

Loft, Old Navy, Totsy, Ann Taylor, Children's Place, Lowe's, Overstock, Babies R Us. Sometimes I'll even spend some time on Target and Kroger.  You gotta compare the prices to see where to go for the best deal on Cheerio's this week (why oh why do they put the regular yellow box on sale in some places and not our favorite Honey Nut?)

Ye who don't know me well don't think I am serious.

In all seriousness, I work really hard at my job. I do like it, but its hard to be away from my kids, so normally I take care of some of the shopping while I away (at work) so I can have more fun time with them. However, I seriously need to find a balance. Maybe this will help. Who knows. but right now I gotta go get a glass of water or I'm just going to click on over....

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  1. Blog about this weekend... I want to hear about it! :-)