Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little Miss Independent

Scour your brain. Do you remember this song? Kelly Clarkson. Yes. Another Big Girl fav these days. So, she likes a song you say. Big fat deal. Why a post about it? Its not just a song she sings along to in the car - its her theme song. Well, kinda.

At 5 3/4 Big Girl is so independent. Each evening she goes upstairs at 7:15 and starts the evening shower, pajamas, tuck in routine. Some days need prodding, others don't. But overall, she goes upstairs, gets out her clothes, takes a shower and re-appears before the rest of the family in clean pajamas, hair brushed. She usually remembers to hang up the towel and about half the time remembers to brush her teeth. More often than not, she also puts her dirty clothes in the hamper and her school shoes in her room (sometimes in the middle of the floor, but still awesome.)

She has gone through so many changes in her little life. The most recent being the birth of Little Man. She is such a smart and loving kid. I am so very very proud of her.

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