Monday, May 30, 2011

Numbers on the Wall

When Little Man was growing in my belly and we (yep- husband helped!) had picked out a cib set. It was a perfect mix of earth tones for my husband and a little bit of a funky/hun pattern for me. A match made in heaven.

Perfect for our modern guy. Wait. I saw them. The art on the wall. Eventually I tracked them down online. Over $40 each. Times four. No freakin' way. So, I gathered up all my AC Moore coupons and waited until paint was on sale.

Four pack of canvases with coupon less than $5. Yea.
Paint: yellow, blue, light blue (not Carolina blue), green and brown from home $4.

Including sales tax under $10.

Two evenings in the garage carefully paiting to not get the big belly messy....

We ended up with these.

I'm still trying to decide if I should take them down and add a little brown to make them look aged like the ones from the baby store, but perfect.

Budget friendly, plus a special touch from Mom.

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