Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Challenge

My childhood summers went like this.

Get up. Go to swim practice.
Go home. Do chores.
Beg to play with friends.
Eat lunch.
Play with friends or do more chores.
Go to swim practice.
Race home so mom can make dinner before Dad arrives.

Repeat, repeat, repeat. On Friday take dinner to the pool. Three options, sandwiches (Bologna and American on wheat), fried chicken from Hardee's (anyone else remember this?) or pizza. We had to be really good to get pizza. I think the bribery helped my Mom through some crazy weeks.

Swim team lasted about eight weeks.

When it was over, we'd pack in the car and drive to Grandma's.

Repeat each year till High School. Then it was coach swim team and work in the tennis pro-shop either before or after practice and on the weekends. Repeat for three years. The fourth year I worked at a card shop and there was no swim team.

With that oh so uninteresting and boring reflection, here is the rest of today's writing challenge from
Mama's Loosin' It. The summer don't for my kids.

- Get into too much of a routine. Keep it interesting and try new activities.
- Hang out at home all summer. Pick some activities and get a tan. :) Big girl tans like... hum. I don't know. But she gets really tan. Unlike me. I just burn.
- Wear the same bathing suit every day. Seriously. Ask your Aunt. It just gets nasty. Oh. And remember that a shower in the pool locker room with your suit on and no soap doesn't count as being clean.
- Let anyone convince you that you can see your friends later. Its the summer and you're a kid!
- Ever. Ever. Skip the fmaily beach trip. We will let you bring friends when you are just a little bigger.

Not on the challenge, but I'm doing it anyway.

- See your friends. Make new friends and generally have fun.
- Beg and plead until Mom and Dad put in a pool. We're gonna do it. Really. Well, that is the plan.
- Eat veggies so you don't get sick when you sneak so many snacks and frozen treats.
- Love the summers

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