Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Wall Hanging

Big Girl and I love a good art project. At our house, they also have to be budget friendly. This one was inspired by a wall hanging that we saw at a craft show.

Big Girl wanted her to have a picture on it, and much more pink. (Big surprise there - right?!)

To reduce our cost and make it more kid friendly, we used foam board ($1.99 for a large sheet that made five wall hangings plus one that ended up in the trash due to my lack of knife skills) instead of ceramic tile.

We also used:
- Paint leftover from another project
- Beads from a Melissa and Doug art set that was in our closet
- Precut florist wire from A.C. Moore ($4.99 for 50 before the 50% off one item coupon)
- Photo printed at Target $0.20 each
- White paper for hand prints pulled out of a huge bin of scrapbook stuff
- Ink pads in our closet (you could also use any paint that you have around)

I started by cutting the foam board with a knife from the kitchen while Little Man was napping and Big Girl was at school. When she came home, she took over and painted stripes - like our inspiration piece - only all pink.

While we waited for the paint to dry, we did the hand print and foot print part. I cut them out to fit on each of the foam board pieces. When the paint still wasn't dry, Big Girl helped put the beads on the wire. I twisted them into loops as she went. We used the less is more theory on the beads since I was already felt like I was looking at Pepto and wasn't sure how much pink our recipients could take they could mix into their decor.

Finally when the paint was dry, Big Girl glued the photo and hand print/foot print on. Then I made a hole for the wire with the knife and twisted the ends through.

Viola! Budget friendly wall hanging. Made with all our love - and as a bonus - it won't break when if you drop it.

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