Monday, June 27, 2011

Beach on the Brain

Our annual beach trip is almost here, and its pretty much taking over my brain. When I say taking over, I mean seriously it is taking over.

Packing. Planning the laundry cycle so Big Girl has her favorite sun dresses clean. Grocery list. Pack 'n Play. Strollers - the one that is already rusted - where is it again. How is all this crap going to fit in our car? Birthday presents. Birthday cake. Baby food. Take home made with us? Take the food processor and make it there? Just buy some pre-made? Hummm. Milk. Seriously milk. I want to drink. Margaritas. Wine. Corona. Margaritas on the rocks in the middle of the day. Mojitos. Did I say I want to drink. Have to figure out the milk thing. Frozen or formula. How to get frozen milk down to the coast. If it gets defrosted, can it be refrozen? Little man hasn't had formula other than mixed in his bananas twice. Should I just suck it up and not drink. I want to drink. I am a grown up. I am going on vacation. 


Seriously. the birthday cake. I love making birthday cakes for Big Girl and her cousin. I'm sure I will be making them for Little Man too. Since we are going to be at the beach, we've been looking for inspiration I've been looking for pictures of cakes online that I think that I can pull off and then showing Big Girl some options for approval.

Basically, I think we are going to end up with a cross between these two.

We'll do a rectangle with water and sand. I'm not sure about decorating little teddy bear cookies. It seems like it would be tough and Big Girl is a little beyond teddy bears. Maybe a tree. For sure a cool beach towel laying on the sand. For sure the fun Jello water. Gotta have a beach umbrella we will have those on hand (see margaritas above).

Ideas? Please share.

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  1. I can't wait for margaritas to share with you on the beach, at dinner, etc... :) We are both adults and both on vacation so this will be such a treat! Ahhh I can't wait. And Josh is coming :) He will probably drink beer and not margs!

    Cakes look great. Also I need inspirations for Kayla's gifts... what would she like?