Monday, June 20, 2011

Cold Food

My kids eat their food cold. Not just cool or room temperature. Cold.

It started early. When Big Girl was eating baby food, I would take it straight out of the fridge (had to be refrigerated since it was home made) and feed it to her. When I went back to work and she was about 10 months old, she would drink her milk from the bottle cold.

When Big Girl was in preschool I would always make her plate first, then put it in the fridge while I set the table and made the other plates.

I was even known to ask waiters and waitresses, "Could you stick hers in the fridge for a few minutes before you bring it out?" If not, we would spend 20 minutes waiting for it to be cool enough for her to eat. If you're at Applebee's (her favorite) this is longer than it takes to get settled, order your food and for them to bring it out. At fancier places or when I knew we would be sitting for awhile, I would just let her play or color while I ate at least half my meal before putting her plate in front of her.

Many people thought it was strange.

Then, Little Man started taking his bottles cold a few weeks after I went back to work. He was about three months. Then his food. History was repeating itself.

Then, one morning as I was driving into work I almost hit a UPS truck and a huge light bulb went off. The truck was because of the light bulb - not the other way around.

Big Girl had eaten her food cold for years because I started her off that way. What started at making my life easy by not warming things up had turned into a big time bad habit. Even a way of life.

It had taken weeks of telling her every meal that her food wasn't too warm to eat before she would eat with us at dinner (without the plate going in the fridge first). Occasionally she still says "its too hot!" when her food is room temperature. Grrr.

But do I change? Nope. Just last night it was sweet potatoes and peas straight from the fridge for little man. Following dinner - a nice chilly bottle that I had pumped ahead of time.

Should we change his habits now? Probably. But come on. Its just too easy right now. We'll change it in the future.... Hopefully before re-entering the world of asking waiters to stick a plate in the fridge before serving it.

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