Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No Lovin'

I have absolutely no love for the insurance company. I have so much not love it is pretty much hate. Its not even our current insurance company. Its our old insurance company. Health insurance policy that ended in December. Yes. You read correctly. Six (long) months after our policy ended I'm still sorting through their crap.

To make the story short, I had a running total of my receipts and in October I thought I had met our max out of pocket. I called and they said no I had a little more to go. Spent the "little" more and went on leave to be with our new born.... Still they say we didn't reach it.

Then the end of the year came and they said we never reached it. What?!? They are crazy. Ever since then I've been calling and getting put on hold for long periods of time attempting to talk to them.

Finally someone in Human Resources started to help me out. As it turns out, I have overpaid several doctors. So the insurance company and this girl from HR say.

Laugh it up now. You aren't the one calling your doctor and saying, "Um, yea. I think I paid you too much and I need my money back."

"Yes. I see that you over paid by $1.48."

"Actually, my insurance company says it is more like $132.14."

Do you think they like these phone calls? Do you think they would much rather keep our hard earned money? OF FREAKIN' COURSE.

I would laugh to. Y'all know its not going to go well. I'm going to end up with high blood pressure or something over this and be back in their office. You know I will. I'll end up with the same girl trying to take my payment that I just finished trying to get my money back from. Just watch.

Do you have an insurance story (If its about Blue Cross Blue Shield don't send it. They are still nice to me and I want to keep it that way.)? Do you hate Cigna as much as I do? I know I'm not alone.

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