Thursday, June 30, 2011


Since I became pregnant with Big Girl I've pretty much stopped reading for myself. During my pregnancies I read lots of books about what to expect (didn't care for What to Expect, but that is probably another post). Admittedly, I read a lot more during my first pregnancy. There was more time and I had a lot more to learn.

So, getting to the point of this post - I have totally discovered books on CD. Lame. I know. But, I read all day long at work. I read books to the kids at home. Reading is important, but its really not something I do for myself anymore. Unfortunately, I have pretty much just been sticking to books on CD for the kids. (Hello Little House the entire freakin' series!)

I need suggestions on what to read for me. Do you have a favorite new book? recent book (by recent, I mean less than 5 years old)? I need to start reading again. I don't know when it will actually happen, maybe if I can take lunch breaks?

Send your suggestions anyway - I'll try them. Only rule - no science fiction.

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