Friday, June 10, 2011


Little man is talking. Well, kind of. More accurately, he is screaming. But - we have heard two full sentences (one wasn't screaming).

First, the happy one. Husband walks into the kitchens after work. Little man is sitting on the kitchen counter in his bumbo chair. "Hi Dada." What? Huh? Big girl starts shrieking, "He said Hi Dada. He said Hi Dada." He wouldn't do it again for anything.

Since then he's said the same phrase again. Always followed by giggles. He knows he is communicating and it is just amazing. Six months old!

Second, the not so happy one. Trying to put him to sleep is all fine and good - as long as I'm the one doing it. Its not that we have a real particular routine. We can sit in his room, sit in the TV room, hold him walking around the house. But, between 8 and 8:15 each evening, his eyes just close and he is asleep.

Okay. So back to the story and his other sentence. We are trying to get him accustomed to other people helping him settle in for the night. Last night husband tried and tried. He is awesome with him and the guys love each other. However, between his tears, Little Man kept saying, "I wan Mama."

What a sweet sentence, but what a difficult situation. Do other kids do this? What are parents to do?

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