Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Things I Am Excited About...

I read Beauty in My Mess (Luv you Marg!) and was inspired to make a list of things my kids and I Big Girl, Husband and I are excited about.

1. The Beach
2. A birthday wish come true - celebrating at the beach.
3. Swimming Skillz that don't make us think a lifeguard is going to have to jump in to help Big Girl when she tries to complete her races on swim team.
4. Our family. All of us/y'all/them.
5. Being able to drink Mt. Dew. Okay, this is just me. But it caused major problems for Little Man when he was a tiny. Now re-thinking this makes all of us happy, because there are days that I really need caffeine to maintain my sanity.
6. Sitting Up. Yea. You don't realize how lucky you are to have abs that help you sit up until there is a tiny little person learning to use theirs and they start to topple over when their tummy gets tired.
7. Our House. More super awesomeness. The super is because we are almost finished (knock on wood) with a little demolition/remodel project that included an electronics upgrade.
8. Kids that LOVE healthy foods. (A garden update is on its way soon!)

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  1. love this post :) see you guys soooo soon at the beach!