Friday, June 24, 2011

Things Kids Can Get Away With That Grownups Can’t

There are so many things kids can get away with that grownups can't.

- Saying things like Bojakles or Jinkle Bells when asking for a biscuit.
- Swimming half way across the pool and then just stopping to hold onto the rope. When someone asks what is wrong, just saying "I'm tired" and hanging out for 10 minutes even though the water is three feet deep.

Big Girl has a friend that she sees almost every day. He is super adorable and has a fantastic Mom. :) The other day he was doing a little Potty Dance. The Potty Dance is one of my most favorite parts of preschool. Every kid does it. Every kid has their own style. None of the kids I know do it like the kids on the Pull-Ups commercial.

If I was at the office and walked out of a meeting doing this dance what would people say? Hummm. Better yet, what if I walked out of Church hopping down the side aisle with my knees together and ankles pointed out? I think my kids would have a few less play dates.

Another thing kids can get away with - making noises while they eat.

You know the noise "hmmmm" as they chew up chocolate fresh watermelon. Little man roars when the food isn't coming in fast enough.

Chew, chew, "Rooooaaarrr." Yes, I know you want another spoon dripping because its so full, but I can only go so fast. Are you even chewing? Are you just swallowing? Sometimes I want to check that your mouth isn't full so you don't choke.

Imaging if I was out for sushi and let out a big 'ol "Rooooaaarrr." Would they think I have rabies? More likely I'd get the check handed to me without an offer for another glass of wine. If it was Ruth's Chris Steakhouse how many bites of my fillet (with a "Rooooaaarrr" between each one) would I get down before the kind waiter in the bowtie would come over to the table. Maybe bringing the manager?

Perhaps I should try other noises in a rest5urant. Think "When Harry Met Sally."

I know you were thinking it even before you scrolled down and saw the YouTube file. You were. Don't try and play like you weren't. All I am saying is - if she were 8 months, or 3 years, making the same noises without or without the actions people would be giving her different looks.

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