Monday, July 11, 2011

6 is Super

This week Big Girl turned six. Its seems to be a magic age, even thought I honestly didn't see it as one ahead of time. In the last few weeks she has embraced being big. She is self assured and so responsible for her age.

At our house each birthday is marked as not just a celebration, but by the milestones that can be accomplished. When Big Girl turned four she traded in thumb sucking for bubble gum. At five she was big enough to carry her own bag (okay - maybe that was on the getting ready to go to kindergarten list). But, each year we talk about birthdays as a time to do new things and a time to leave some things behind (i.e. thumb sucking).

Here are some of my thoughts on six, and a look at what six is to us me Big Girl.

6 is sweet.
6 is super cute hair cuts and caring about how her hair is styled.
6 is "its time to take a shower" and a half hour later returning clean, dressed and ready to go.
6 is boogie boarding on her own.
6 says cool is important.
6 cares about music.
6 hangs out with the big cousins without mom or dad.
6 takes a chapter book to the beach.
6 is a pajama party.
6 is texting.
6 doesn't need to ride in the back of the cart anymore. (okay that is me, not her!)
6 is wonderful.

Plus, here's a celebration pic!

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