Thursday, July 14, 2011

'Da Beach

Everyone feels differently about the beach.

Husband loves it. The sun. The waves. The sand. He will sit and play as long as the kids want. Covered in sand he sometimes has to be pulled away. He has even been known to stay down at the shore digging in the dirt even after the kids are done.

I tolerate the beach. I love everything that a trip to the beach entails. Low cell phone signal. Relaxed days. Fun nights. Fellowship with family. I however do not adore the ocean like my husband. I like going out on the beach. Talking a walk at sunrise or sunset is fabulous. I will go in. Usually with the kids, since we don't like them going in alone. I don't care to get splashed. The tide pools are too warm for my taste. I really don't like being near all the sand when the wind blows. Nor do I like the mid-day sun.

My kids take after my husband. I think its a learned love. And although I don't share it, I always encourage them to play on the beach.

Big Girl can't get enough. Goggle on her head. Cute little bikini and boogie board. She is ready to go play. For hours she can ride the waves without a care in the word. Then there is sand to lounge in. Shells to collect. Seagulls to chase. Do it all over again and maybe take a break for lunch.

Little Man isn't quite as sure, but he is learning. Day one, he watched the sun rise over the ocean with Dad. Later when I plopped him down on a towel he reached right down and started digging. Giggles. Oh the giggles. Then into the mouth went the hands. More giggles. He did it two more times before I told him it was yucky. "But Mom." he seemed to say, "its tasty." When I wiped off his hands and doused his mouth with water he fussed.

He was also unsure of the waves. Instead he preferred to sit in a tide pool and splash. It was as warm as the tub. Perfect for a baby. I think he would also stay all day if it wasn't so warm I didn't insist on bringing him inside for diaper changes.

What a sweet and wonderful family. All of us together. All of us having fun.

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