Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Family Book

This project has been in the works since I was part time at the office back in March. However, its now pretty much done (I still need one snap shot, but I've decided not to wait any longer).

When Big Girl was a baby I made her a family book. It was a scrapbook kit from one of the craft stores and I pasted photos of family and friends on each page and carefully wrote their names. When she was small she would read it and learn names and matching them with faces. When she learned to write, she would use ti to copy the letters and spell names correctly.

Needless to say, I wanted Little Man to have a similar special book. At the same time I wanted them to be different. My artistic sister-in-law is always reusing books so, I came up with a plan to reuse a firetruck book. I honestly didn't like the story itself, but the pictures are cute and firetrucks are good for boys.

So to start off, I gathered:
- the firetruck book (reuse from Big Girl)
- variety of sticky letters
- photos of family
- rubber cement
- Modge Podge (outdoor kind = better for "eating" toys)

I went through the book and labeled each page with who's photo would be on it.

Then I cut out the family pictures. In most cases I worked on them a little so they would cover up the words on the pages. (Turned out to be helpful because Big Girl helps read the book.)

Then I used the rubber cement to glue each of the family photos to the correct page.

A few coats of outdoor Modge Podge like so:

Let it dry and add "My Family" to the cover and cut out Little Man's photo so he looks like he is driving the fire truck.

Then it was into the diaper bag for a special surprise in the car.  Minus the one picture from the family member who "doesn't like any" that I have of them.

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