Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Every kid wants pets. At our house it goes something like this:

Big Girl: Mommy can I have a cat? Dad can we have a dog?

Me: You have a brother. (Thinking not saying: Between both of you Dad and I have plenty to do)

Husband: You have a fish. (Me thinking not saying: good point. Better than my point.)

Big Girl: But I want something with fur to snuggle.

Me: We have stuffed animals for snuggling.

Big Girl: :: scrunchy face ::

Me: Pets are a lot of work. Remember when dog dog (my Mom's dog) comes to visit?

Big Girl: It is so much fun.

Husband and I exchange a look.

The truth is, its fun for about two days. Big Girl helps feed the dog, take her for walks, even brushes her. Then its over. By the end of my mom's vacation Me and Husband um.... Husband is pretty much flying solo on dog duty. (cut me some slack I'm keeping the rest of the house going here) Walks, water, food.

So why would we want a dog all the time. Beats me. Right now we enjoy the occasional visits. The dog enjoys our kids and puts up with the massive hugs, tail pulling, eye poking (Little Man's new favorite). But, by the time she goes home you can tell she is ready. We'll be ready to have her for a few days again soon. (Mom, keep it to 2 or 3 days so Big Girl keeps up the dog chores and we don't have to. Just kidding. Not really. Okay, just a bit, but...)

Anyway. For us, for now, a dog on loan is really the way to go.

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