Friday, July 1, 2011

Scary Things

Kids are scared of all different things. For Big Girl it was loud noises. Yep. We are talking fireworks, car horns, sirens, the vacuum cleaner, the buzzer at the end of a half at soccer games. She would cry. Oh she would cry. I'd have to hold her and reassure her and cover her little ears.

Clowns were cool. So were all kinds of animals (she now screams at many types of bugs, but husband will tell you that she learned it from me - which may or may not be true). The dark bothered her a little, but as long as there was a night light she was fine.

So far there aren't many things that throw Little Man for a loop. Sales guy at the furniture store making crazy faces (I was a little frightened) he laughs. Grandma and Grandpa after not seeing them for almost three weeks - no big deal. My mom's dog that comes up to my knees running straight at him and stopping for a lick across his forehead - makes him bounce up and down and grin. Its probably in part because he is so little and doesn't have any fears yet.

I wonder what will happen this weekend when we go see fireworks. If he's like his sister we may have a screaming situation. I really hope not. That would be a bad one in a big crowd. But, we will have to wait and see. Cross your finger. Knock on wood. Whatever you do for luck, send some our way.

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