Thursday, July 28, 2011


When you go fishing and don't catch anything its called skunked. When a squirrel jumps is your garden and eats your almost ripe cantaloupe... well I'm just going to call it getting squirreled.

True story. For about three weeks we have been watching and waiting as a very nice (and certainly tasty) cantaloupe grew on the vine in our garden. It was the first one and husband and I were quite surprised when we came home from the beach and saw this.

Now back to last night. After dinner we walked into the garden to find our cantaloupe devoured. There was a small hole at the edge of the fence, in the dirt, like something had crawled under the fence. Then we found the real hole. In the fence. And - a squirrel watching us desperately wanting to get back in.

Major bummer.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how my now six-year-old handled the situation. She was in a bit of shock, but didn't cry. She did yell at the squirrel a bit. Instead she started planning how to keep the animals away from our next cantaloupe.

Here is to hopping there is a next one.

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