Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Things Kids Can Get Away With: Part 2

I know how much y'all enjoyed Things Kids Can Get Away With But Grown Ups Can't, so I wanted to add a few more thoughts.

1. Pulling Hair

Kid Version: Little Man, don't pull Mommy's hair. He looks at me and grins (knowing he isn't supposed to pull hair) and shakes his head no. Me, "No, no." Little Man giggles. Me, "Mommy said no, no. That hurts."

Grown Up Version: Standing around waiting on my iced green tea lemonade with pomegranate that some kids is taking the better part of a year to make. So, I reach across the counter and pull his hair. Umm. Ka-bow. I'd be sayin' hello to the back side of his hand.

Grown Up Version 2: Think of all the guys and gals at the jail waiting to be fingerprinted. (Maybe I just finished watching a Law and Order rerun - just sayin'). They've been there for-freakin-ever, so one of them reaches up and grips the nice officer's ponytail. Hello assault on an officer. Not so good.

Kids can pull hair. Even if they really shouldn't, they can totally get away with it. Not so good for grown ups.

(I did some really cute drawings to go with this one, but am having major scanning issues. I'll try to add them soon.)

2. Showing their underpants in public/for a camera.

Kid Version: Big Girl and I were picking strawberries. She was wearing a sundress. When we took a picture of her with her bucket of berries she squatted (very ungracefully) down. Hello princess panties. No big deal. She is precious and cute and I hit delete.

Grown Up Version: I'm visiting a family member in a retirement center. We sit out on the patio and I decide not to cross my legs like a lady. My husband may laugh if its the two of us at home, but not here in front of all the old people. What bad manners I have. Can't you hear them?

Grown Up Version 2: Britney Spears. Who can forget it?

Oh to be a kid. Things are so much easier!

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