Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What is He Eating? Wait. I Know.

Babies grow fast. I know. But, I think Little Man is going for a record. Five weekends ago I switched out the clothes in his closet 6 month size to 9 month size. Right before we went to the beach (three weeks later) I did it again. He is wearing 12 month clothes. Y'all - he is 7 months old.

You're probably saying to yourself, "what in the he** are you feeding him that he is growing so fast?"

Eveything. Seriously.

Little Man is a social eater. He eats when he is hungry and he doesn't skip meals. When he sees other people eating he wants to eat too. A few weeks we were at an Italian resturant. Out came the bread. Up stood my baby (he was on my lap) waving his arms and saying "uhhh. whhh." at the bread. I didn't know he would know what it was. Sure enough the Little Man knows his carbs. Last Thursday night, out a resturant with the whole big family.

Yes. That is an entire dinner roll in his hands. He didn't ever get a bite and three rolls later. (We replaced each time one hit the floor.) We had enjoyed a fuss free meal.

He also goes through the milk - about 6 ounces at a time - 5 or 6 times a day. That's about 1/4 a gallon of milk a day.

Wait. That was my beach drink, not his.

Seriously thought - No freakin' wonder my body was exhausted and sore. Weaning is going well, and I have so much more energy and more of these.

Back to Little Man. He also eats three meals. Mostly fruit and veggies, some cereal and yogurt. On vacation we started adding in some chunky foods since he was so picky and wouldn't eat most of the stuff out of jars. Green beans, pasta, mashed potatoes. All in little tiny baby pieces. (He is good at chewing them up!) The doctor says he portions are fine and he isn't old enough to overeat yet. Still, I just have to wonder.

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