Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crib Crawlin'

Once a baby starts to scoot around, it seems to be all they want to do.

These days Little Man is crawling in his crib and even in his sleep. You read that correctly. In his sleep.

I woke up to an angry little cry and went into his room to find him scooting - eyes closed - toward the foot of his crib. He was trying so hard to keep going that with every little scoot he was banging his head into the rails.

As I tried not to laugh. (I know I shouldn't, but it was so funny!) I scooped him up and comforted him. We snuggled in his big comfy chair until he fell back asleep.

When Little Man was first starting to scoot, I pulled this photo out of the archives.

In her pre-crawling/scooting backward phase Big Girl would regularly get stuck in the side of her crib. Somehow she would work herself into that position in the night and we would find her stuck, but happy the next morning.... One of the early indications that she was going to be pretty easy going.

Do other kids have problems with movement in the crib? Is it just my kids? Or maybe just our crib?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Cool Kids

I've written several posts about Little Man recently and don't want anyone to forget about Big Girl. She, like her brother is growing and doing new things each day. Yesterday for example she read an entire 65 page book in about three hours.... This brings me to a post I have been meaning to write for awhile. On being cool.

On Being Cool....

Do you remember back in school how there were always new and different cool things going on? Different clothes or toys or games that everyone just had to have. Last year at Big Girl's school the kindergarten girls were all about the hair bows, clips and necklaces. Accessories - including nail polish were important and every few weeks there was a slight change in "the" best way to wear your hair, etc.

This year, books are the big deal. At least so far.

Specifically, the Magic Treehouse series. I know. Not many kids get into books. But, Big Girl's friends are this year. The nail polish and hair clips still matter, but they are all talking about Magic Treehouse books this year.

I have to say I'm glad. Last year I really thought it was a little early to be concerned about hair and jewelry.

What do you think? What are other kids into in elementary school?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Between Sizes

I've been through this before, but it never ceases to amaze me. Diapers. How and who comes up with the sizes. Seriously!?!

Little Man is 23 lbs right now. He is tall and on the thin side.

Let me back up to about a month ago.

:: Funky Austin Powers Time Warp Music Here ::
We were having pee everywhere when he slept, so we went from size 3 Pampers to a size 4 Pampers. Little Man was just getting super wiggly on the floor. At the time he had a bit of a belly (has since disappeared thanks to much wiggly, learning to crawl behavior and a small growth spurt.). The fours were better. No leakage as long as we pulled the tabs snuggly together at night.

Insert growth spurt.

Suddenly the 4's are on the big side, and we start having leaks. They must be too big, so (with coupons in hand) I go to the store. No deals on Pampers, so I come home with Huggies.

All is good.

Until the poop starts to smell. Literally. There is something about the Huggies that it just smells more, and it smells as soon as he starts working up a poop. The moment his little face turns red, in a Huggies diaper you smell it. In Pampers it seems to at least wait until he has been done for a few minutes. (Wait - not saying that I let my kid sit in a nasty diaper. Just that it doesn't smell up the room before he's even done for company.)

Fast forward to last Saturday

:: More Austin Powers Music::

Back in Target with coupons and both kids I'm figuring prices on my phone on the diaper aisle. Pampers are the best deal again. We can even get the cute print ones with cars! So I go back to the size 3. Since clearly the 4 was too big, he must be a 3.

The next morning, I know I was wrong. Pee. In the bed.  On my sweet little guy. Aww. Seriously. Maybe it was a fluke. No suck luck. Monday morning it happened again.

::Music Again - Back to Today::
So, dear diaper people, I am dying to know - why isn't there a 3-4 in Pampers like there is a 1-2? Sometimes kids are just in that middle range. If you make them, where can I find them (hint the answer isn't my Target). We enjoy your product. It protects us and our guests from the not so fabulous smell of poo. Why don't Huggies keep the poo smell in better? I also enjoy your product. They fit my little guys bottom just great. The snug and dry thicker waistband really is awesome. But I really can't take the poo smell.

What - you may be asking - is the resolution? For now, he is wearing the cute size 3 Pampers during the day at play times and not when a nap is coming up or over night. At those times he is wearing Huggies size 4. The crib stays dry, we don't smell poop, but it really shouldn't be that complicated. Should it?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Forward Motion

I wouldn't exactly call it crawling, but we have forward motion. For Little Man it means all kind of new and exciting things. (For instance last night being able to grab hold of Big Girl's homework.) But it also means big changes for the rest of us too. (For instance last night being able to grab hold of Big Girl's homework.)

Wait. Did I mention that this forward motion isn't exactly the army guy crawl either? He isn't on his elbows, his arms are straight, legs behind. Then he pulls his legs up, puts his face on the floor, relaxes his arms, then looks ahead and reaches forward again. Needless to say this is both a slow and frustrating process. For Little Man.

For me and Husband, even Big Girl it is a moment of mixed emotions. Here's the photos are worth a thousand words - wish I had the camera - but since I didn't I'll try to capture what every one's facial expressions meant in words.

Me: Yea! Oh crap we don't have locks on the cabinets with cleaning supplies. Or plastic wrap. Or legos. It will be at least a few days before he is really crawling. Maybe even two weeks before he is quick and into stuff. Oh man!! Leaves on the floor. Plant leaves. Dirt from outside. All the little crap off shoes. He crawls - we I have to vacuum regally. I mean more than every other weekend. :: Okay. So my face didn't say all that, but that is what I was thinking.

Husband: Yea! That's my boy. Gettin' into stuff. Go get your sister's homework. She will learn not to lay down on the floor to write. I am so proud of you. I wonder if you are ready for fishing?! Um. Maybe soccer first. Oh. Bonus here, I'll be able to ask you to come over to me instead of having to get up when a game is on. Sweet!!

Big Girl: My homework!! My toys. My life is never going to be the same. Wait. maybe its going to be better. Maybe since he can get his own toys and move around a little he won't grunt as much. Maybe I will get more time to play with Mommy and Daddy without "uhhh. uhh." This is so great. Yea!!

Little Man: Huh? What is this in my hand. I didn't think I'd get the paper. I was fussing and those big people, they didn't give it to me. But now, I got it. How did that happen?

Okay. So maybe all of those were more of the thoughts, but it was honestly a moment of mixed emotions for all of us. Here is a cartoon. A la Family Circus.

Yea. So that is what I've got. Note Little Man sportin' his paci on a string and me with sunglass! haha.

Friday, August 19, 2011

One of "Those Days"

Sometimes you just have bad days. Everyone does. Don't even act like you don't.

For me, today was one of those days. I got up, everything went great at home. Little Man had been awake in the night teething, so although Husband and I were both tired, we were going for the day.

Then I got to work.

Cut to going home time. Sheer and complete exhaustion. The office buzz just zapped me.

At 1 p.m. it was all I could do to keep myself in the office instead of just saying, "see you later."

By 2 p.m. I yearned to go home and sit on our big couch with Big Girl and watch cartoons. We would have snuggled up tight like we did before Little Man (and now when he has something else to entertain him).

By 3 p.m. it was all over. Seriously. T-o-r-t-u-r-e. I would rather be home with both kids fussing than sit at my desk any longer. You know why? Ha. Because when both kids are fussing, you can whip out the candy (and the vino) and torn on the TV. You can. Its not the right thing to do, but you can. And some days. Some days, its what everyone needs.

Ya'll, I don't even know how I got from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. I don't. Don't ask. I think I was probably on Totsy and Facebook working really hard and reading something super interesting praying so much and pondering life that it finally passed.

Finally. On my way home, I was excited beyond belief to see my family. It is seriously the best feeling in the world. Leaving an office of stale air and tired adults and returning to the sunshine and smiles of my home and my family.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gettin' A J-O-B

The new fall intern started at our office this week. Super student. Very smart. Etc. Makes me think about when my kids go out into the world to get jobs. I hope someone is as helpful and nice to them as I try to be to my interns.

It also makes me think about my first jobs.

In high school I had a sweet after school job. I worked at a tennis pro shop. I was all, "Thanks for calling Kildaire Farms. How can I help you today?"

I'd make little membership cards for the pool, schedule court times for people that wanted to play tennis. I think half the job was being a nice person on the other end of the phone when members called up.

"Sure, I'll be glad to show you the clubhouse. Here's a brochure about rentals."

It was easy. Cake. I made good money. Had to dress preppy. But I really spent most of my time doing homework. It was easy enough.

I wonder what Big Girl and Little Man will do for their first jobs.....

In this silly way, I can totally see my son working at the Autobell car wash up the street. The kids up there are always so nice. Its mostly high school age boys from neighborhoods near ours.

Or maybe he'll work up at Harris Teeter. I had friends that bagged groceries up there. This one kid could make a killing on tips. Apparently if you could get customers that parked far enough away from the manager's window and then stood awkwardly next to the car holding the empty cart, it was easy to score $5 from busy mom's and grandmas.

I remember Saturday's where he'd come home with $80. It was 1995, so that went a little further than it does today. No matter. It was awesome.

Big Girl? What can I see her doing? Not sure. Maybe teaching kids to swim (that was another first job of mine). She could totally be the high school kid that works at the pottery place a few blocks away. She loves to go in there, and every day about 4 p.m. in runs a high school girl. They are always cute girls. They call the owner ma'am. Like my first job, they also tend to do their homework and answer the phone more than anything else.

Ohhhh. I know. She will probably want to work at a clothing store. Old Navy maybe. Probably more of Abercrombie or American Eagle. She is already all about clothes.
Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Little Man will work at the craft place and Big Girl will work at the car wash. maybe they will both teach summer camps at the YMCA or lifeguard.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tea Perty

You read that correctly. Tea Perty. It's southern for tea party. We still stick out our pinkies and say "my lady," but we also say ma'm and y'all. We are in the south.

And chhhhecck out the tea party set.

Hand painted, then baked to perfection (we were working with a kit).

So what did Big Girl serve? V8 and graham cracker fish. Check out my plate!

Little man joined in the fun, but didn't get to use a tea cup. He settled for a sippy cup and sat on the floor next to the little table and chairs.

The best part you ask? (Its always what I ask my kids.) Husband's loud slurping noises, followed by Big Girl's carefull etiquette lessons.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Favorite Toys for Babies

Its hard to believe Little Man is eight months old! Time has gone so fast. We have so many friends that have kids his age, or are pregnant. There seems to be lot of discussion about the best baby toys and gear.

Before I go any further, I'm going to stop and say every family is different. Every kid is different - even in the same family.

That said, here are some of our/Little Man's favorite toys so far (in no particular order).

Soccer Ball from Ikea

Husband loves it. I love it. The "boyz" throw headers back and forth and laugh. Okay. So, husband throws the ball at the baby and we all four laugh. I roll it across the floor and Little Man can roll it back. Very soft. A great present from Grandma.

Little Tykes Baby Piano

Little Man sits with it in front of him and hits the keys. Then he hits the chimes on top. Then its upside down and he bangs on it with his hands. Then he starts all over again with the soccer ball rattle in his hand or  aring (see the next toy for details). When he is done he say "Ma" and "Uh, Uh," asking me to play for awhile and he grins as I play and say the colors. He can play with this for 20 minutes at a time. Its not too loud to down out adult conversation, but loud enough for him to enjoy.

Ours is red and belonged to Big Girl first. It may have even been a consignment store purchase for her. I'm not sure. But, she loved it too. When I searched for a link on Amazon, I love that it showed up as collectible. Ha!

Fisher Price Stacking Toy

This one probably also belongs on the "classic" list. He plays with the rings all the time. We talk about colors. He shakes them around (only the red has a bead in it), but he is sure that blue one is going to make noise one day. Occasionally he plays with the base. On more than one occasion its been used in a baseball bat type of style. Picking it up by the yellow part that is supposed to be for stacking the rings and swinging it around.

Another great story on this toy. One day we were playing and I handed Little Man the toy all set up with the rings one on top of another and said, "can you take off the rings?" I'm sure he didn't really understand what I was saying, because it was about two months ago. I don't know. Maybe he did. So, he turned the thing upside down and just looked at me.

Lessons here: Little Man may be a bit of a smarty pants.


This giraffe is apparently all the rage. I hear lots of Moms talking about it. When we went for our 9 month checkup the pediatrician asked where we had found it. No joke, ours came from Europe. I think they were hot over there first and there was a family trip before Little Man was born and this was one of his souvenirs.

And the number one toy so far?


Far and away Little Man's favorite thing to play with. He wiggles them around. Makes them slobbery in his mouth, then rubs them on the highchair to make a noise. He can just sit there and play all alone as long as his hands are free. Just learning all the great things his hands
can do. Amazing.

At 7 Months

At 3 months.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Crack

As adults, we get hooked on many things. Soda, coffee, energy drinks, chocolate. Okay. There are more. But, you never really hear about babies getting hooked on something. Well. That is about to change. Because... dum, dum, dum, dum.

Little Man is HOOKED on the pacifier. Its his own little baby crack. Seriously. We started with the clip and string set up so we wouldn't loose it when he was a tiny. Now its a serious habit.

The last few months he has learned to put it in his mouth himself. When it falls out - pop - its back it.

When he wants the thing he doesn't even look for it. He puts his little hands to his chest and feels around for the string, inches his little fingers down to the pacifier and - pow - perfect aim - it is in his mouth.

Here is back at two months old.

We were having photos taken, so the string wasn't clipped on. No string? No problem, he just help onto my finers.

We thought it was getting to be less. Because well, he was talking more and it was in his mouth less. However, he is still very serious about needing the little plastic pacifier. Nothing else can take its place. Guess that is why we travel with extras. 

Quality isn't as good on this one, but here he is. Nice and clam and well, sleeping in the stroller. Paci - check. String - check. Holding on - check.

Adorable. But still - addicted.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Growin' More Cantaloupe

After the mean ol' squirrel got our last cantaloupe, we've been trying to get more melons to grow. When I say trying, I mean, we've been helping nature along a little.

Okay. So here is the short version. We've been helping the cantaloupe along. We may or may not may have nicknamed it cantaloupe sex.

My genius husband used the powers of the Internet to learn how to help the cantaloupes pollinate.

You figure out what flowers and the "boys" and which are the "girls." Then you pick the boy flowers, peel away the leaves and rub the pollen all over the girl flowers. Yep. Cantaloupe sex.

Funny thing is... it worked.

A few days after the squirrel destroyed the first mellon husband tried it out. Then, last weekend we noticed some little mellons growing.

So, last night he taught Big Girl to pollenate the mellons.

I guess the garden is teaching more life lessons than we were expecting.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

All the Crap

Ha. Did you think this post was going to be a gripe. Tricked you. It so is not a gripe! Its about all the crap that you collect for a baby and then after a few months, or even worse, a few weeks you don't need again until there is another little tiny adorable helpless person in your life.

I'm in the process of making piles of this stuff to either:
- move to the attic
- store in another (yet to be determined) handy place in our house
- donate (a.k.a. its too beat up to be used again or in the case of clothes super duper not cute)
- lend out to friends
- return from friends we borrowed from

Here is one of them.

This is a small on by comparison and on the way to a friend soon - thanks for the loan!!

...That is a lot of piles. A lot of gear for such a tiny person. Hummm. Maybe this is why our garage and guest room are both a bot of choas zones.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Falls Apart, Moves Away

I am an idiot. Sometimes. I know you are laughing now. Husband is probably saying to himself, "more often than she realizes," or something along those lines. Maybe others of you are too.

Here's the thing. I'm confessing to it. Sometimes I totally don't have my head on straight.

Take yesterday at work as an example. I'm sitting at my desk, minding my own Monday borringness business and I see in my feed reader, "Emily Falls Apart, Moves Away." Click goes my computer mouse. I am for real thinking I've been missing out on some celebrity scoop or some other juicy gossip.

As the page loads, I'm thinking to myself. Emily. Who is Emily? Why is some Emily even a last name making headlines. Would they really consider a Bachelorette first name only worthy.

Never did it occur to me that, "Hey. I'm at work. The RSS feed has real news in it."

Then the feed loads all the way. And.

Emily falls apart, moves away from Bahamas, US

It isn't gossip at all. Its weather. Boring old, no break in the crazy heat weather.

Oh geeze. And I admitted it to everyone.

Foods We Feed Our Baby

When parents of young children are together you will frequently hear one parent or another say, "what do your kids really like to eat?" or "what is Little One eating."

Sometimes it is out of mild competition. For me, its about getting new ideas. Myself, I enjoy trying new things, new ways of cooking. It keeps dinner interesting. It keeps lunch exciting. It is an interesting topic of conversation.

These days, with Little Man just having turned eight months old - there are plenty of parents with children his size to discuss food with. Here is how my side of the conversation usually goes.

Little Man loves to eat. Veggies - gone. Fruits - yum. It seems like he has enjoyed every food he has tried and very few (I think two so far) have "reappeared." Here is a look at some of what he is eating in some similance of the order he tried them. With commentary (of course).

We usually use a spoon to feed Little Man. Here he was trying to be helpful and feed himself.
Okay. Here is what he has tried/eats.

- Sweet Potatoes
- Bananas
- Green Beans
- Peas
- Carrots
- Pears
- Applesauce
- Water
- Cantaloupe
- Watermelon
- Yogurt
- Teething Cookies
- Orange Juice Just a few drops
- Bread
- Blueberries
- Grapes Peeled and diced.
- Black Beans
- Pear Juice
- Lemon
- Fiddle Sticks
- Corn First food that he didn't like.
- Mixed Fruit from the Jar Another food he didn't like.
- Green Beans from the Jar  Another food he didn't like.
- Peas from the Jar  Another food he didn't like.
- Carrots and Pear from the Jar  Another food he didn't like.
- Sweet Potatoes and Chicken from the Jar Another food he didn't like.
- Bananas from the Jar Another food he didn't like.

At this point I decided that it was the food coming from a jar that he didn't like. The rest of our vacation, I just mushed up what the rest of the family was eating and hoped for the best.

- Peanut Butter This was grandpa. I am assured it was just a tiny bit off his finger before I walked in the room. :0
- Peaches Peeled and diced very small.
- Baby Mum Mums
- Tomatoes Take the seeds out and skin off.
- Artichoke Heart This one "reappeared" about 20 minutes later.
- Brushetta Not sure if Feta was a good idea. May check with the pediatrician Webmd
- Basil

What do you feed your kids? Do you think any of these were bad ideas? I mean I know the peanut butter, but we figure he isn't allergic. Leave a comment and let me know.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Math Homework

Who knew that Big Girl's homework would be so tough?

Silly me. I thought first grade math - no problem. It should be a continuation of last years "big number" addition, "big number" subtraction and multiplication. I was wrong.

Here is my own little math equation to explain:

Dual-Language School + First Grade Homework = Translation Website on New Computer

Wait here is another one:

Math homework + Pink Pen + Blue Marker - Whiteout = Uh Oh = Discussion About Pencils

Thursday, August 4, 2011

On the Move

It has officially happened. Little man is on the move. Only in reverse at the moment, but he is making his way around the house ON HIS OWN.

Over the last few days he has been demoing his skillz. Going from sitting to all fours. All fours to belly. Belly to back to belly and all fours again. You get the drift.

Silly. Crazy. Somewhat Very tired me set him down near the ottoman for his rocker the other night while I went in the bathroom to help big girl with her shower. Husband was downstairs cleaning up from dinner, unloading the dishwasher. Generally being a fantastic husband (Much love!).

For some time now the base of the ottoman with a few toys or a book was where he would camp out when I was in the bathroom with Big Girl. Up until Tuesday it had been perfect because I could see him through the doorway while helping her. I personally thought it was a brilliant of me. However no more.

Getting on with the story. On Tuesday night I was talking with Big Girl in the bathroom, running water for her bath, etc. When I looked over and Little Man was gone. G-O-N-E. Where could he have gone? Seriously?! He had scooted backwards a few times, but he has never been a fan of rolling over, so surely he hadn't. He had.

I found him about four feet from where I had left him. Half way between being on all fours and just laying on his tummy. Legs bent, eyes fixed on a basket of CDs on the bottom of the changing table. (Don't get on me about still having CDs. They are left over from Big Girl and kids music does not change that much.)

He didn't see me. I knew he wasn't strong enough to either A - support his weight with one arm and get into the CDs or B- return to a sitting position on his own to get into the CDs. So, instead of correcting him, I went and got the camera and the phone and took pictures. (You know you would do it too if it was your kid!)

Deer in headlights.

He totally knew he had been busted.

So what did my kid do? He grined. Then he laughed. Eight months old and he laughed at doing something wrong. It made me think about what he is going to be like when he is 12. Or 17. Or 20. Oh. Those are bad thoughts.

For the moment, I turned him around and said, "no. no." When he tried to go back to the CDs I picked him up and went downstairs.

Hummmm. I should probably go back and move the CDs.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Thanks to a co-worker I have figured out the family settings for the new computer. As it turns out, I did have a free product on the computer for Internet safety when it came out of the box. I just didn't know where to find it. Some fool decided to hide the program in a folder called "Window's Live."

I'm sure the mac people out there are saying, "if you just got a mac it would be easier..."

To them I say no. I am a PC girl.

Dad built PC's. Dad programmed PC's. I could go on. But, I won't. Except (ha) to say that getting a mac would be turning my back on the family. (Thinking of good Soprano's references here, but I'll save you.

Now, when you type "porn" in Bing, or Google, or Yahoo guess what? You get a list of child friendly sites. Specifically, Big Girl gets a page with castles and princesses with links to sites we want her to go to.

Cool now. Must remember to update the list and the settings as she grows.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

'Da Computer

We have been in the process of getting a new home computer our first desktop computer for like forever. We have been talking about it for at least a year.

We picked out a house that would have a place to put one where we could keep an eye on the kids without being all in the middle of their business. We moved into that house. Now we have renovated to make the super nifty computer space of our dreams. (Not really our dreams, but its pretty cool.) We picked out and brought home the awesome new computer.

Last weekend we even got it set up. Phat arm for the monitor to go flat against the wall, long cords to neatly tuck all the cords and tower away. Equally fun and functional wireless keyboard and mouse. Then (y'all know not everything can go according to plan) the keyboard tray didnt' fit. We saved ourselves the driving around town craziness by buying one from Amazon. (Still in the mail.)

Then we tried to set up the parental settings. Has anyone else done this? It really shouldn't be rocket science. - But - it is.

Clearly I need some sort of advanced degree to keep Big Girl from the world of nasty online people.

Here is how it went.

8:10 kids in bed, create user id's, set passwords
8:20 pick out wallpaper, screen saver and other personalized features for Big Girl
8:25 pick out wallpaper, screen saver and other personalized features Husband and I
8:30 start using the "user friendly" Microsoft parental settings

After about an hour of checking off little boxes (What is the difference in mild, moderate and all illegal drug references? someone please tell me) of things we don't want our kids to find online I hit save. Seriously. It took way to long.

I say to Husband, "its all set."

He says great and cracks Big Girls' password.

We set her web browser to go straight to her favorite sites:
- PBS Kids Go
- Disney Junior 

Then Husband decides to check the parental control settings. He types "porn" in the Bing search bar at the top of the screen. Then, right before our eyes all kinds of content - that I thought I had just blocked - pops up. Some of the female parts bounced up, if you know what I mean, but it is all there.

What is a mom to do?

I went back into the parental settings only to discover that I had only made my way through the programs to allow and gaming settings. Internet Explorer is another whole set of settings.


I wanted to cry. I wanted to laugh. I wanted to delete the search memory so Big Girl didn't end up going back to the porn search before I could block it. It was 10:30 p.m., so instead I went to bed.

This is exactly why (okay, just one of the reasons why) we haven't gotten a home computer yet. It is more stuff for parents to do. Ugh.

P.S. If you know any shortcuts to setting up parental controls PLEASE email me!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Her 10 Seconds are Over. Over.

Kate Gosslin.

A few years ago millions tuned in to watch her eight kids on TLC. They were little. They were cute. Now they are big and well... she's in tabloids. Never mind Jon.

A while back Big Girl and I went into the Dollar Tree to get the final supplies for the big 6th birthday bash and there - right at the front door was Kate Gosslin's book. And the teenage employee packing her books back into a box.

Back into the box. Her books aren't even selling at the dollar store. The dollar store. You know its bad if people in the suburbs don't want to buy your book for a buck.

It made me laugh. I wanted to take a picture. But I didn't. I didn't want to explain to Big Girl why I'm taking a picture and laughing or to explain to the poor teenager. Instead I stifgrin and went on looking for paper party cups with butterflies.