Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Crack

As adults, we get hooked on many things. Soda, coffee, energy drinks, chocolate. Okay. There are more. But, you never really hear about babies getting hooked on something. Well. That is about to change. Because... dum, dum, dum, dum.

Little Man is HOOKED on the pacifier. Its his own little baby crack. Seriously. We started with the clip and string set up so we wouldn't loose it when he was a tiny. Now its a serious habit.

The last few months he has learned to put it in his mouth himself. When it falls out - pop - its back it.

When he wants the thing he doesn't even look for it. He puts his little hands to his chest and feels around for the string, inches his little fingers down to the pacifier and - pow - perfect aim - it is in his mouth.

Here is back at two months old.

We were having photos taken, so the string wasn't clipped on. No string? No problem, he just help onto my finers.

We thought it was getting to be less. Because well, he was talking more and it was in his mouth less. However, he is still very serious about needing the little plastic pacifier. Nothing else can take its place. Guess that is why we travel with extras. 

Quality isn't as good on this one, but here he is. Nice and clam and well, sleeping in the stroller. Paci - check. String - check. Holding on - check.

Adorable. But still - addicted.

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