Thursday, August 25, 2011

Between Sizes

I've been through this before, but it never ceases to amaze me. Diapers. How and who comes up with the sizes. Seriously!?!

Little Man is 23 lbs right now. He is tall and on the thin side.

Let me back up to about a month ago.

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We were having pee everywhere when he slept, so we went from size 3 Pampers to a size 4 Pampers. Little Man was just getting super wiggly on the floor. At the time he had a bit of a belly (has since disappeared thanks to much wiggly, learning to crawl behavior and a small growth spurt.). The fours were better. No leakage as long as we pulled the tabs snuggly together at night.

Insert growth spurt.

Suddenly the 4's are on the big side, and we start having leaks. They must be too big, so (with coupons in hand) I go to the store. No deals on Pampers, so I come home with Huggies.

All is good.

Until the poop starts to smell. Literally. There is something about the Huggies that it just smells more, and it smells as soon as he starts working up a poop. The moment his little face turns red, in a Huggies diaper you smell it. In Pampers it seems to at least wait until he has been done for a few minutes. (Wait - not saying that I let my kid sit in a nasty diaper. Just that it doesn't smell up the room before he's even done for company.)

Fast forward to last Saturday

:: More Austin Powers Music::

Back in Target with coupons and both kids I'm figuring prices on my phone on the diaper aisle. Pampers are the best deal again. We can even get the cute print ones with cars! So I go back to the size 3. Since clearly the 4 was too big, he must be a 3.

The next morning, I know I was wrong. Pee. In the bed.  On my sweet little guy. Aww. Seriously. Maybe it was a fluke. No suck luck. Monday morning it happened again.

::Music Again - Back to Today::
So, dear diaper people, I am dying to know - why isn't there a 3-4 in Pampers like there is a 1-2? Sometimes kids are just in that middle range. If you make them, where can I find them (hint the answer isn't my Target). We enjoy your product. It protects us and our guests from the not so fabulous smell of poo. Why don't Huggies keep the poo smell in better? I also enjoy your product. They fit my little guys bottom just great. The snug and dry thicker waistband really is awesome. But I really can't take the poo smell.

What - you may be asking - is the resolution? For now, he is wearing the cute size 3 Pampers during the day at play times and not when a nap is coming up or over night. At those times he is wearing Huggies size 4. The crib stays dry, we don't smell poop, but it really shouldn't be that complicated. Should it?

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