Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crib Crawlin'

Once a baby starts to scoot around, it seems to be all they want to do.

These days Little Man is crawling in his crib and even in his sleep. You read that correctly. In his sleep.

I woke up to an angry little cry and went into his room to find him scooting - eyes closed - toward the foot of his crib. He was trying so hard to keep going that with every little scoot he was banging his head into the rails.

As I tried not to laugh. (I know I shouldn't, but it was so funny!) I scooped him up and comforted him. We snuggled in his big comfy chair until he fell back asleep.

When Little Man was first starting to scoot, I pulled this photo out of the archives.

In her pre-crawling/scooting backward phase Big Girl would regularly get stuck in the side of her crib. Somehow she would work herself into that position in the night and we would find her stuck, but happy the next morning.... One of the early indications that she was going to be pretty easy going.

Do other kids have problems with movement in the crib? Is it just my kids? Or maybe just our crib?

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