Monday, August 8, 2011

Falls Apart, Moves Away

I am an idiot. Sometimes. I know you are laughing now. Husband is probably saying to himself, "more often than she realizes," or something along those lines. Maybe others of you are too.

Here's the thing. I'm confessing to it. Sometimes I totally don't have my head on straight.

Take yesterday at work as an example. I'm sitting at my desk, minding my own Monday borringness business and I see in my feed reader, "Emily Falls Apart, Moves Away." Click goes my computer mouse. I am for real thinking I've been missing out on some celebrity scoop or some other juicy gossip.

As the page loads, I'm thinking to myself. Emily. Who is Emily? Why is some Emily even a last name making headlines. Would they really consider a Bachelorette first name only worthy.

Never did it occur to me that, "Hey. I'm at work. The RSS feed has real news in it."

Then the feed loads all the way. And.

Emily falls apart, moves away from Bahamas, US

It isn't gossip at all. Its weather. Boring old, no break in the crazy heat weather.

Oh geeze. And I admitted it to everyone.

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