Monday, August 15, 2011

Favorite Toys for Babies

Its hard to believe Little Man is eight months old! Time has gone so fast. We have so many friends that have kids his age, or are pregnant. There seems to be lot of discussion about the best baby toys and gear.

Before I go any further, I'm going to stop and say every family is different. Every kid is different - even in the same family.

That said, here are some of our/Little Man's favorite toys so far (in no particular order).

Soccer Ball from Ikea

Husband loves it. I love it. The "boyz" throw headers back and forth and laugh. Okay. So, husband throws the ball at the baby and we all four laugh. I roll it across the floor and Little Man can roll it back. Very soft. A great present from Grandma.

Little Tykes Baby Piano

Little Man sits with it in front of him and hits the keys. Then he hits the chimes on top. Then its upside down and he bangs on it with his hands. Then he starts all over again with the soccer ball rattle in his hand or  aring (see the next toy for details). When he is done he say "Ma" and "Uh, Uh," asking me to play for awhile and he grins as I play and say the colors. He can play with this for 20 minutes at a time. Its not too loud to down out adult conversation, but loud enough for him to enjoy.

Ours is red and belonged to Big Girl first. It may have even been a consignment store purchase for her. I'm not sure. But, she loved it too. When I searched for a link on Amazon, I love that it showed up as collectible. Ha!

Fisher Price Stacking Toy

This one probably also belongs on the "classic" list. He plays with the rings all the time. We talk about colors. He shakes them around (only the red has a bead in it), but he is sure that blue one is going to make noise one day. Occasionally he plays with the base. On more than one occasion its been used in a baseball bat type of style. Picking it up by the yellow part that is supposed to be for stacking the rings and swinging it around.

Another great story on this toy. One day we were playing and I handed Little Man the toy all set up with the rings one on top of another and said, "can you take off the rings?" I'm sure he didn't really understand what I was saying, because it was about two months ago. I don't know. Maybe he did. So, he turned the thing upside down and just looked at me.

Lessons here: Little Man may be a bit of a smarty pants.


This giraffe is apparently all the rage. I hear lots of Moms talking about it. When we went for our 9 month checkup the pediatrician asked where we had found it. No joke, ours came from Europe. I think they were hot over there first and there was a family trip before Little Man was born and this was one of his souvenirs.

And the number one toy so far?


Far and away Little Man's favorite thing to play with. He wiggles them around. Makes them slobbery in his mouth, then rubs them on the highchair to make a noise. He can just sit there and play all alone as long as his hands are free. Just learning all the great things his hands
can do. Amazing.

At 7 Months

At 3 months.

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