Monday, August 8, 2011

Foods We Feed Our Baby

When parents of young children are together you will frequently hear one parent or another say, "what do your kids really like to eat?" or "what is Little One eating."

Sometimes it is out of mild competition. For me, its about getting new ideas. Myself, I enjoy trying new things, new ways of cooking. It keeps dinner interesting. It keeps lunch exciting. It is an interesting topic of conversation.

These days, with Little Man just having turned eight months old - there are plenty of parents with children his size to discuss food with. Here is how my side of the conversation usually goes.

Little Man loves to eat. Veggies - gone. Fruits - yum. It seems like he has enjoyed every food he has tried and very few (I think two so far) have "reappeared." Here is a look at some of what he is eating in some similance of the order he tried them. With commentary (of course).

We usually use a spoon to feed Little Man. Here he was trying to be helpful and feed himself.
Okay. Here is what he has tried/eats.

- Sweet Potatoes
- Bananas
- Green Beans
- Peas
- Carrots
- Pears
- Applesauce
- Water
- Cantaloupe
- Watermelon
- Yogurt
- Teething Cookies
- Orange Juice Just a few drops
- Bread
- Blueberries
- Grapes Peeled and diced.
- Black Beans
- Pear Juice
- Lemon
- Fiddle Sticks
- Corn First food that he didn't like.
- Mixed Fruit from the Jar Another food he didn't like.
- Green Beans from the Jar  Another food he didn't like.
- Peas from the Jar  Another food he didn't like.
- Carrots and Pear from the Jar  Another food he didn't like.
- Sweet Potatoes and Chicken from the Jar Another food he didn't like.
- Bananas from the Jar Another food he didn't like.

At this point I decided that it was the food coming from a jar that he didn't like. The rest of our vacation, I just mushed up what the rest of the family was eating and hoped for the best.

- Peanut Butter This was grandpa. I am assured it was just a tiny bit off his finger before I walked in the room. :0
- Peaches Peeled and diced very small.
- Baby Mum Mums
- Tomatoes Take the seeds out and skin off.
- Artichoke Heart This one "reappeared" about 20 minutes later.
- Brushetta Not sure if Feta was a good idea. May check with the pediatrician Webmd
- Basil

What do you feed your kids? Do you think any of these were bad ideas? I mean I know the peanut butter, but we figure he isn't allergic. Leave a comment and let me know.

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