Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Forward Motion

I wouldn't exactly call it crawling, but we have forward motion. For Little Man it means all kind of new and exciting things. (For instance last night being able to grab hold of Big Girl's homework.) But it also means big changes for the rest of us too. (For instance last night being able to grab hold of Big Girl's homework.)

Wait. Did I mention that this forward motion isn't exactly the army guy crawl either? He isn't on his elbows, his arms are straight, legs behind. Then he pulls his legs up, puts his face on the floor, relaxes his arms, then looks ahead and reaches forward again. Needless to say this is both a slow and frustrating process. For Little Man.

For me and Husband, even Big Girl it is a moment of mixed emotions. Here's the photos are worth a thousand words - wish I had the camera - but since I didn't I'll try to capture what every one's facial expressions meant in words.

Me: Yea! Oh crap we don't have locks on the cabinets with cleaning supplies. Or plastic wrap. Or legos. It will be at least a few days before he is really crawling. Maybe even two weeks before he is quick and into stuff. Oh man!! Leaves on the floor. Plant leaves. Dirt from outside. All the little crap off shoes. He crawls - we I have to vacuum regally. I mean more than every other weekend. :: Okay. So my face didn't say all that, but that is what I was thinking.

Husband: Yea! That's my boy. Gettin' into stuff. Go get your sister's homework. She will learn not to lay down on the floor to write. I am so proud of you. I wonder if you are ready for fishing?! Um. Maybe soccer first. Oh. Bonus here, I'll be able to ask you to come over to me instead of having to get up when a game is on. Sweet!!

Big Girl: My homework!! My toys. My life is never going to be the same. Wait. maybe its going to be better. Maybe since he can get his own toys and move around a little he won't grunt as much. Maybe I will get more time to play with Mommy and Daddy without "uhhh. uhh." This is so great. Yea!!

Little Man: Huh? What is this in my hand. I didn't think I'd get the paper. I was fussing and those big people, they didn't give it to me. But now, I got it. How did that happen?

Okay. So maybe all of those were more of the thoughts, but it was honestly a moment of mixed emotions for all of us. Here is a cartoon. A la Family Circus.

Yea. So that is what I've got. Note Little Man sportin' his paci on a string and me with sunglass! haha.

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