Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gettin' A J-O-B

The new fall intern started at our office this week. Super student. Very smart. Etc. Makes me think about when my kids go out into the world to get jobs. I hope someone is as helpful and nice to them as I try to be to my interns.

It also makes me think about my first jobs.

In high school I had a sweet after school job. I worked at a tennis pro shop. I was all, "Thanks for calling Kildaire Farms. How can I help you today?"

I'd make little membership cards for the pool, schedule court times for people that wanted to play tennis. I think half the job was being a nice person on the other end of the phone when members called up.

"Sure, I'll be glad to show you the clubhouse. Here's a brochure about rentals."

It was easy. Cake. I made good money. Had to dress preppy. But I really spent most of my time doing homework. It was easy enough.

I wonder what Big Girl and Little Man will do for their first jobs.....

In this silly way, I can totally see my son working at the Autobell car wash up the street. The kids up there are always so nice. Its mostly high school age boys from neighborhoods near ours.

Or maybe he'll work up at Harris Teeter. I had friends that bagged groceries up there. This one kid could make a killing on tips. Apparently if you could get customers that parked far enough away from the manager's window and then stood awkwardly next to the car holding the empty cart, it was easy to score $5 from busy mom's and grandmas.

I remember Saturday's where he'd come home with $80. It was 1995, so that went a little further than it does today. No matter. It was awesome.

Big Girl? What can I see her doing? Not sure. Maybe teaching kids to swim (that was another first job of mine). She could totally be the high school kid that works at the pottery place a few blocks away. She loves to go in there, and every day about 4 p.m. in runs a high school girl. They are always cute girls. They call the owner ma'am. Like my first job, they also tend to do their homework and answer the phone more than anything else.

Ohhhh. I know. She will probably want to work at a clothing store. Old Navy maybe. Probably more of Abercrombie or American Eagle. She is already all about clothes.
Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Little Man will work at the craft place and Big Girl will work at the car wash. maybe they will both teach summer camps at the YMCA or lifeguard.


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