Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Growin' More Cantaloupe

After the mean ol' squirrel got our last cantaloupe, we've been trying to get more melons to grow. When I say trying, I mean, we've been helping nature along a little.

Okay. So here is the short version. We've been helping the cantaloupe along. We may or may not may have nicknamed it cantaloupe sex.

My genius husband used the powers of the Internet to learn how to help the cantaloupes pollinate.

You figure out what flowers and the "boys" and which are the "girls." Then you pick the boy flowers, peel away the leaves and rub the pollen all over the girl flowers. Yep. Cantaloupe sex.

Funny thing is... it worked.

A few days after the squirrel destroyed the first mellon husband tried it out. Then, last weekend we noticed some little mellons growing.

So, last night he taught Big Girl to pollenate the mellons.

I guess the garden is teaching more life lessons than we were expecting.

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