Monday, August 1, 2011

Her 10 Seconds are Over. Over.

Kate Gosslin.

A few years ago millions tuned in to watch her eight kids on TLC. They were little. They were cute. Now they are big and well... she's in tabloids. Never mind Jon.

A while back Big Girl and I went into the Dollar Tree to get the final supplies for the big 6th birthday bash and there - right at the front door was Kate Gosslin's book. And the teenage employee packing her books back into a box.

Back into the box. Her books aren't even selling at the dollar store. The dollar store. You know its bad if people in the suburbs don't want to buy your book for a buck.

It made me laugh. I wanted to take a picture. But I didn't. I didn't want to explain to Big Girl why I'm taking a picture and laughing or to explain to the poor teenager. Instead I stifgrin and went on looking for paper party cups with butterflies.

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