Thursday, August 4, 2011

On the Move

It has officially happened. Little man is on the move. Only in reverse at the moment, but he is making his way around the house ON HIS OWN.

Over the last few days he has been demoing his skillz. Going from sitting to all fours. All fours to belly. Belly to back to belly and all fours again. You get the drift.

Silly. Crazy. Somewhat Very tired me set him down near the ottoman for his rocker the other night while I went in the bathroom to help big girl with her shower. Husband was downstairs cleaning up from dinner, unloading the dishwasher. Generally being a fantastic husband (Much love!).

For some time now the base of the ottoman with a few toys or a book was where he would camp out when I was in the bathroom with Big Girl. Up until Tuesday it had been perfect because I could see him through the doorway while helping her. I personally thought it was a brilliant of me. However no more.

Getting on with the story. On Tuesday night I was talking with Big Girl in the bathroom, running water for her bath, etc. When I looked over and Little Man was gone. G-O-N-E. Where could he have gone? Seriously?! He had scooted backwards a few times, but he has never been a fan of rolling over, so surely he hadn't. He had.

I found him about four feet from where I had left him. Half way between being on all fours and just laying on his tummy. Legs bent, eyes fixed on a basket of CDs on the bottom of the changing table. (Don't get on me about still having CDs. They are left over from Big Girl and kids music does not change that much.)

He didn't see me. I knew he wasn't strong enough to either A - support his weight with one arm and get into the CDs or B- return to a sitting position on his own to get into the CDs. So, instead of correcting him, I went and got the camera and the phone and took pictures. (You know you would do it too if it was your kid!)

Deer in headlights.

He totally knew he had been busted.

So what did my kid do? He grined. Then he laughed. Eight months old and he laughed at doing something wrong. It made me think about what he is going to be like when he is 12. Or 17. Or 20. Oh. Those are bad thoughts.

For the moment, I turned him around and said, "no. no." When he tried to go back to the CDs I picked him up and went downstairs.

Hummmm. I should probably go back and move the CDs.

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